Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Prayers and Thanksgiving

While we're talking about people involved in fighting for this country's freedoms during the 1940's, I think it's important to remember people that are fighting for our country's freedom today.

Some of you might have heard Bowe Bergdahl, who was captured by the Taliban earlier this year. The media has paid very little attention to this particular matter because of the unpopularity of this war (and who knows what other reasons). Bowe is currently serving his country as a POW. Truthfully, I might have missed this story completely, except, as it turns out, I am rather connected to it through Bowe's sister, Sky (who I have mentioned around these parts before). Sky has begun a blog, asking people to pray both for Bowe's safety and his release.

This is not a political request.

This is a request for God's favor and His mercy in and for Bowe's life. If you would like to be reminded to pray for Bowe, you can subscribe to the Bowe Prayer Blog.

Now, it is equally true that Bowe is an American soldier, a prisoner of the Taliban. We need to support him with prayer and make sure the Government does not forget him and keeps trying to bring him home.

During this Christmas season I would stand with Sky in asking you to support our troops and their families with prayer. They sacrifice much and for our benefit - whether we are consciously thankful or not.

To follow on Facebook, check out: Bring Bowe Bergdahl Home

To read and subscribe to a blog that was specifically designed to pray for Bowe, check out: Pray for My Brother


Mama Sky said...

Thank you Carrie.

Marks of Faith said...

We are still praying...may God have mercy on him wherever he his and bring comfort and peace to his family!

Shawntele said...

Lifting Bowe and his family prayer, thank you for posting about this.

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