Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Behind-the-Scenes: Reading to Know

I just wanted to take a moment to thank the biggest team player Reading to Know has and that is my husband, Jonathan.

If you haven't clicked on the Reading to Know main page in awhile, do so. Check out the cool "Quick Picks" widget Jonathan made for me! And it was his idea, not mine! He made it because he's all about (well, me) this site and supports me in what I read and write about here.

Lest you ever wonder about his involvement in Reading to Know, I want to assure you that if he wasn't a part of this, it simply would not be. He plays an active role, even though it is "behind-the-scenes." He sees the books when they come in. He asks me what I think about them. He reads them frequently himself. There are also plenty of times when I ask him to read a post before it goes live. I would never want to say anything that I wasn't positive that he agrees with because we committed from the first day of our marriage to speak as one as much as possible. Life is not about just Jonathan and life is not about just Carrie. I may write the words here and he may do some talking himself, but we're in it all together.

I really appreciate this about our marriage and I wouldn't want to have a blog in any other way. I'm glad that he is a part of this. I'm glad he is interested enough in it to make suggestions, to edit and advise. What a gift!

It remains important to me that whatever is said here upholds the vows we made to each other and for our family unit. It's important to him as well and so he observes and comments and offers his time and creative talents to build a book website that I will really enjoy. What a guy, eh? (And, in turn, you get to enjoy it also. Sometimes. haha.)

Thank you, Jonathan, for caring enough to create widgets. Thank you for caring enough to read rough drafts of posts. Thanks for asking questions and for making me be honest with myself for as long as Reading to Know continues to exist. It's yours as much as mine, we know. But I thank you for letting me stamp my name on it. That, too, is both amazing and freeing.

I love you!


Sky said...

It's good to have a real partner isn't it?
Well done you two!

Marks of Faith said...

Very nice! Jonathan is a great guy and a wonderful hubby! Ya'll work well as a team.


Unknown said...

I LOVE that quick picks widget thing, and I wondered where it came from.

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