Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Favorite Five Things WOO HOO!

It's a weekend! And for us - it's a FUN ONE! Some of our great friends are on their way for a visit and we're sure looking forward to it! In the meantime, we've been cleaning and preparing for their arrival and just enjoying the week.

Randomness today folks, ok!?

#1 - Giveaways. WAIT! I know that sounds kinda silly but it's actually a huge blessing (in my opinion) and a sign of generosity when a publisher works with the "common man" to provide freebies. For those on tight budgets and going through hard times, a contest can be a really fun thing to win. My FAVORITE giveaway this week is a book on marriage that I think is out-of-this-world AMAZING! If you missed it, check out my review of What Did You Expect?? I have two copies to give away so don't miss the chance. It's a book worth owning, and that's the truth!

My second favorite (and Bookworm1's favorite) is the new Thomas movie which I reviewed and we're giving away over at 5 Minutes for Books.

#2 - We have a couple of fun family trips planned for this year but there was a surprise one that just sort of fell into our laps this past week. It's really fun to plan vacations. REALLY fun. And it's incredible when God just plants a vacation in your lap and it's something that you couldn't really have planned very well if you tried. It's a gift! So I'm not boasting. But I AM just beside myself with glee, thankfulness and anticipation! (That whole anticipation thing again!)

#3 - My truly magnificent husband. He reads with me, he talks with me, he figures life out with me and he never makes me feel stupid (which is incredible because I really am stupid in so many ways!) He doesn't walk away from me during the hard times. Instead he seeks me out. And I'm NOT easy to seek out during the hard times. I like bubbles. Put me in one and leave me alone! But I can't do that forever and Jonathan reminds me of that. I was listening to some Steven Curtis Chapman songs (I will pause for a moment while you feign surprise over my music choice) and came across this one again and I let it pump through my heart a few times after a particularly poignant conversation.

If you are in the midst of any sort of trying situation and you are feeling a bit discouraged and need some encouragement then I have one thing to say to you today:

Turn the volume on this one UP! (But I'm not really a big fan of the images, I have to say. There were no other options worth showing.)

Let me be made weak
So I'll know the strength of the One Who's strong
Bring it on!

(Only, really, sometimes I don't want to say "Bring it On!" so much as I want to say to trouble, "JUST GO AWAY ALREADY!")

But I'm not gonna run from the very things that will drive me closer to Him....

#4 - My hilarious first born. Bookworm1 is developing quite the sense of humor these days and more and more often I find that it's harder to keep a straight face when talking to him. He makes us laugh so very often!

#5 - My adorable second born who throws himself on top of us, begging to be held. He just wants to know that we're near. I'm also grateful for the song Eensy Weensy Spider because it never fails to produce a smile and a laugh when one is needed! Have you never Youtubed this song? (What? You haven't?! Well then!) I would never dream of showing Bookworm2 this video because it freaks ME out!

Here, for your complete amusement, is the Eensy Weensy Spider tutorial:

You'll notice that the video has a lot of views but I don't think it's because people actually want to learn the hand motions. You'll thank me -- later. Much, much later maybe.

In the meantime - hope you have a FABULOUS weekend!

Grinning With Anticipation,



Barbara H. said...

Have a fun time with friends!

That's neat about the vacation! And what a sweet tribute to your husband and boys.

Why does the second video freak you out?

Carrie said...

He's just weird. =) Overly dramatic towards toddlers.

ellen b said...

Oh I love planning vacations, too. Blessings on yours. How great to enjoy your husband and kids. Have a wonderful weekend Carrie!

Lisa notes... said...

Glad you have a fun weekend ahead! I keep hearing good things about “What Did You Expect”…I’ll have to wander on over to your give-away. And you have a great vacation coming up? Good for you!

Mama Sky said...

You make me grin, and I needed the Bring it On reminder! Thanks!

TXDidi said...

Great song from SCC. Another one to add to my iPhone. As always, I never seem to leave your site without a great recommendation for a book or a song.

Jerralea said...

Hmm... I forgot when my kids were little to be thankful for Eensy Weensy Spider, but they loved it too!

What a blessing to have a vacation come your way!

Great tribute to your hubby and kids.

Susanne said...

Having good friends visit is so fun! Enjoy every minute with yours!

Eensy weensy spider is is constantly in the request list around here.

Unknown said...

I LOVE to plan vacations! I hope yours in wonderful!

Hazel said...

When I'm planning a vacation or when I know one is coming I feel like walking on air. That's why I always have a calendar with me. When I was a kid I couldn't sleep thinking we're going somewhere lol! I'm happy you have a vacation coming up. Have a great weekend with your great husband and kids. Life is just awesome, isn't it? :)

Willow said...

Oh, I know the anticipation that comes with planning a trip! My hubby just booked my flight to go see the New Boy.

Thank you for sharing the Spider song with us! I enjoyed it very much. (Note to Willow, perhaps it's better if you listen to such songs when the Professor isn't around; you know you don't like the weird looks...)

Have a great weekend in MY OLD HOME STATE OF OREGON!

Brenda said...

Its great to have a supportive husband.

Have a great time with your friends!

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

Oh, an unplanned family trip dropped in your lap -- what a blessing!

And those wonderful husbands. Aren't they the best?

Happy weekend!

Karyn said...

Great list! So much to be thankful the tribute to your hubby.

I enjoyed the spider video...LOL.. even though my hubby wondered what on earth I was listening to!

Have a good visit and a wonderful holiday!

Susannah said...

The eensy weensy spider... a complete classic! Love it.

It sounds like you're married to the best man in the whole world! Good for you (and him!) I love to hear about people who are happily married.

Happy FFF! :~D

Robin said...

Have a great weekend with your friends. I enjoyed your FFF.

p.s. check out the giveaway on my blog

Jientje said...

An unexpected vacation? Woohoo! I loved #3, but I don't think you're stupid? Don't think too less of yourself!
Have a great week!

Stephani Cochran said...

That's great about your vacation! I so need one, but don't see one in the forseable future. A good husband is a great thing! I'm glad you are blessed. Have a great week!

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