Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Offering Hospitality

A subject that I've long been, er, enamored with is the one of hospitality. And so, in an effort to work on exercising it more creatively, genuinely (and sometimes enthusiastically), I've created yet another blog. It isn't about books. It isn't about book-ish thoughts (although I did order some books on the subject which I'm sure will be highlighted over there.) If you are curious and interested (and, of course, I hope that you are!) visit Offering Hospitality.

It is a TOTAL work in progress, but it has some help . . . ! I'm not alone in caring about this subject and my sister-in-law, Jennifer (of Hank the Cowdog fame), agreed to join in on the fun. Hopefully it will be just that - FUN. And encouraging.

Truly, it is a site that won't work without feedback. I've e-mailed back and forth on the subject with some particular friends of mine and Offering Hospitality is not just a work-in-progress so much as it is a series of thoughts-in-progress which I hope will turn into action. It's my own personal challenge, but I don't think I'm alone in the pursuit of it.

That said, we invite you to visit us at Offering Hospitality and share in the journey!


Stephanie said...

That looks very interesting. I love the idea. I'll check it out!

Marks of Faith said...

Let the fun began!

Stephanie Kay said...

Going there now.

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