Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Indestructible Books

Are you ready to be beside yourself amazed!? Totally floored? Completely mystified?

First off all, let me introduce you to the artist of these "100% Baby Proof" books - Kaaren Pixton. Kaaren original hails from Ireland but now resides close by where I live in Portland, Oregon. Kaaren created the artwork that you see here in these wordless books. The publisher's website describes Pixton's work as "reminiscent of Eric Carle" and I would have to agree. Pixton is a remarkable artist and these books are delightful to look through.

Pixton has a passion for art and has been teaching children art for the past 30 years. Her first published books are the Indestructible series which have been published by Workman Publishing. The books were originally created for Paxton's grandchildren (triplets!) who were going through board books like nobody's business.

Now this is where things become interesting. Paxton created a few books for her grandkids that were made out of a paper-like material which causes them to be "indestructible." Children can gnaw, drool or try to rip these books and they will remain in excellent condition. She gifted her grandchildren with these books and her daughter-in-law, Amy Pixton, saw the potential for these books to be marketed to other parents of young readers. Workman agreed and a product was born.

Now, I have to confess that I had my doubts that these books were truly indestructible. They look like paper. They feel like paper. It looks like a flimsy little book in actuality. So I tossed one over to Jonathan and told him of the claims that these books made. He didn't believe it either and proceeded to try to rip it (carefully, of course, because we are both respecters of books!) It wouldn't rip. He was pretty impressed!

So then I took the books after he had gone to work and handed them over to Bookworm2 who is somewhat less than gentle with books at the moment (but he's learning!) He squished and mangled and scrunched the pages and --- nothing happened. The books still looked pristine. Huh! Soooooo.....feeling a bit more bravely optimistic, Mommy took the books back and gave a valiant attempt at ripping them herself. Nothin' doin'.

With great fear and trepidation over the possible consequences, I took the books over to the kitchen sink. I couldn't believe the experiment I was about to undertake, but I held the books under the water faucet and let the front cover become quite wet. Or not? I wiped the water off and the book looked brand new still! SOLD to the mommy blogger who is filled with doubt no more!

This is such a fantastic concept! I can't decide what I love most of all about these books:

* Their indestructible-ness?

* The fact that brilliant artwork is displayed, and not something cheesy?

* The fact that this is a mother-in-law/daughter-in-law venture?
The fact that these books were originally created for the joy of having grandchildren?

*Their affordability?

All of these things are good reasons to like these books.

If you like the concept, you'll be delighted to know that there is a whole line of these books to choose from.

Indestructibles Flutter! Fly!

Indestructibles Wiggle! March!

Indestructibles Creep! Crawl!

Indestructibles: Mama and Baby!

Indestructibles: Hey, Diddle Diddle

Indestructibles: Humpty, Dumpty

There are many more titles to choose from and more on the way (due to be released this spring.) Guess what lands high up on my "to buy" list for mothers of new babies?

Thanks, Workman, for allowing us the opportunity to become believers. This is such a fantastic product and we're excited about them. (Can you guys tell?)


Amy @ Hope Is the Word said...

Wow! I'll DEFINITELY be on the lookout for these! :-)

Annette W. said...

Wow. These sound fabulous. My 1 1/2 year old eats the bindings away. I love that a little one could have a paper book sooner than later!

Alison said...

These sound amazing. Especially since I love books and like to keep them in good shape, but also want to share the joy of reading with the little ones I'm around.

Anonymous said...

Oh, wow! What a great invention. I am totally getting these books for my 9mo niece who is into "devouring literature" as her mother likes to say!

Stephanie Kay said...

An indestructible book? We've certainly ruined our fair share of books. I'll have to watch for these.

Unknown said...

My nephew is celebrating his first birthday next month. I LOVE To buy him books, but wasn't sure what he has. I'm definitely buying him these!! Love them. Love them. I'm taking you at your word.

Lila Lea said...

Seriously, these are the best baby books ever. My daughter received one as a book and now I must own the entire series! She loves to eat her board books, so finally, a book she can't destroy. You can even wash them!!! These books are my new go to baby gift.

Carrie said...

LL - Aren't they wonderful? So glad you like them!

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