Monday, May 10, 2010

Space Day - Recap

So, what did we end up doing for Space Day on Friday?

In the morning, we read the following books (I discovered that we are sadly lacking in the books on space department):

On the Moon is an Usborne book which means it's extremely high quality. It's the perfectly little adventure book to read which introduces the idea that one can go to the moon. It's a basic storybook but perfect for where we are at. In fact, it launched the following discussion:

Mommy: Would you like to go to the moon?
Bookworm1: Yes. I think I'd like to. Would you?
M: No, I don't think I'd like to. But you can go when you are older.
B1: But will you come with me?
M: Oooh! (Heart flutters!) I don't think I would go, but I'll cheer you on.
B1: (Tears developing...) But I don't want to go alone!
M: Well, when you are older, you can make some friends and go with them.
B1: Oh, yeah! Yeah! I like that. I like people and I don't want to be "left."

But then you KNOW Bookworm1 was excited by this Goodwill find that I saved to pull out on Friday:

Dolphin Finds a Star is a sparkly book about a dolphin who finds a falling star. Betcha didn't know you could tie in the whole sea element with space, didja? And yeah, there is even an octopus - and jellyfish! - in this book. We had the following conversation surrounding octopuses in space:

Bookworm1: Are there octopuses in space?
Mommy: No, they are in the ocean.
B1: They could be in space.
M: No, they are in the ocean.
B1: Well, they could crawl inside the rocket ship and wrap their tentacles all over it.

I suppose that's within the realm of possibilities - tho highly unlikely!

We also watched the following video:

In the afternoon, we headed north where we consumed a star-shaped banana cake that we made (and failed to photograph.) We went to Powell's Books (oh yes and oh my! - I rectified our space book deficiencies a little) and THEN we went here to see their Featured Space Exhibit. Here are some of our pictures from that:

Let it be known that I am a "hot shot and rising star" in the space program because I packed well for my mission to Mars!

A life sized replica of a Mars Exploration Rover vehicle:

Our infrared selves:

What do astronauts eat in space? M&M's! (I don't think they should broadcast that to children, personally.) All of the food looked positively DISGUSTING and I can't fathom having to eat it for, oh, say, more than a day! (Hence you can rest assured I will never go to the moon!)

Check this out! They had a first edition copy of Verne's From the Earth to the Moon (1874).

It was a fun trip and a fun way to celebrate Space Day!

NOW for the goodies. Only one of you followed (all of) the rules to win a copy of The Work of His Hands so that person wins a copy of the book!

The winner is? Mozi Esme and here is her winning post which you really should check out! Congratulations to you!

As for the rest of you - I hereby put you on notice that the next kid party event I intend to focus on is the first day of summer - Monday, June 21st. Plenty of time to think and plan ahead for that one, right? =D Have fun!


bekahcubed said...

It looks like you had fun!

I remember an impromptu space day my family had when I was a child. The local natural history museum/planetarium was having a free day (and my Dad has always been interested in astronomy and cosmology) so Dad decided to have a space day. My biggest memories are of the "space meal" Dad "prepared" for us. We ate all of those individually packaged foods we never ate normally: CapriSuns in the little bags, Little Debbie Snack Cakes, String Cheese. Ah, good times.

Barbara H. said...

There was one we used to read from the library about a bear who pretended that whatever he climbed into was a space ship and his mom going along with it. It was cute but I can't remember the title or author. We got some astronaut ice cream at the Johnson Space Center in Houston once and were not impressed.

Stephanie Kay said...

I'm afraid we don't have much in the way of space around here either. BUT we are are planning to visit the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum in a few weeks. I'll be much better prepared for the 1st day of Summer party. :)

Winning Readings said...

Ahhh - Powells! And we love OMSI, too - the cousins have a family membership there, so we usually go when we visit. We did the Planetarium show in March, though Esme got scared halfway through and begged to leave.

Love all the B1 conversations! (And I noticed the same book deficiencies - I bought a couple more on Sunday!)

Lisa Spence said...

As a child, we took (what seemed to be) annual field trips to the Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, AL. I wanted so badly to be an astronaut when I grew up! Your space day sounds like great fun!

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