Friday, August 13, 2010

Weekends, Weddings & Music

Dear You All,

Off book topic. I just feel like talkin' bout something else today. And it's been awhile since I've posted any Youtube videos to document my favorites songs so it's about time, ya think?

I'm hearing a lot of Jason Mraz at the weddings we've been photographing this summer. I like his sound. Very much! It's just FUN! (Well, let me specify that I'm hearing a lot of two particular songs by Mraz and I like them both very much!)

So, to Jonathan on this happy Friday - I'm Yours!

And just for the fun of it - here's one of my favorite images from this season.

The bride was just so...Jane Austen-y to me. And the location? One of my favs! You can see MORE HERE (if you want.) (And here are a whole lot more on Facebook - if you do that sort of thing. The Facebook thing, that is. Normally we loathe it but we have it for the photos only.)

Whatever you find yourself doing this weekend - I hope you enjoy yourselves! The summer is fading away but boy, we've sure had a good one (albeit it an insanely busy one!)



Anonymous said...

You'd probably like John Mayer's "Daughters" too :) It goes along with the wedding theme and I've heard it played as a father-daughter dance.

Stephanie Kay said...

How I wish you could have done my wedding pics! But since you would have been about 12 back then it probably wouldn't have worked out so well. :D

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