Thursday, September 30, 2010

Snippets: Read Aloud Thursday edition

Read-Aloud Thursday at Hope Is the WordHere are two of the books that I've recently read with Bookworm1 (age 3 3/4) over the course of the past month. I figured I'd just share both and a quick opinion and link it up to Read Aloud Thursday over at Hope is in the Word.


We read Penny and Peter , by Carolyn Haywood and both enjoyed it. (It certainly didn't help that there is a picture of two little boys catching crabs on the front cover!) I had mentioned that I rediscovered a favorite childhood author, Carolyn Haywood, recently. I picked up a copy of Primrose Day (linked to my review) and Penny and Peter at the same time. I decided to see how Penny and Peter (both boys) would go over with Bookworm1.

I'm happy to say it went over well. It tells the story of two little boys who were adopted by their Mommy and Daddy. (Ok. Already we can find something to identify with!) The story is set in the late 1940's and recounts the adventures of brothers Peter and Penny as they spend their summer vacation at the beach, interact with their neighbor and friend's dog, and spend weekends in a log cabin. (Again, we can find things to identify with!)

The story is laid out in an almost simplistic manner, with simple sentences, making it sound like a picture book. I think that helped draw Bookworm1 into the story because it was told in a manner that he could easily identify with and connect with. There are ten chapters in this 141 page book and I think we spent about a week with these boys. I asked Bookworm1 if he liked it in the end and he replied in the positive.

I like it because it honors family and fun times. I highly recommend Haywood for a good story!


We first attempted reading The Mouse and the Motorcycle (linked to my earlier remarks) back in JUNE! We gave up about half way through as we both just found it hard to identify with. I know, I know, it's Beverly Clearly and I think that means we're supposed to love it but we just didn't. The book just had an attitude that parents were stupid and inconvenient and I just didn't really care what happened with Ralph.

Bookworm1 is having some second thoughts about reading chapter books of late though so I offered a bribe to read through one with me and offered up The Mouse and the Motorcycle as one of his reading options. He selected it based solely on the merit that we were already almost halfway through with it.

In the end, we were both glad to be done with it but for different reasons. I hate starting books and not finishing them so I was glad to make it to the end. Bookworm1 was glad to obtain his promised treat for having completely read through yet another chapter book.

I don't think I'll push another chapter book on him until the new Tumtum & Nutmeg comes out (in just a couple of weeks!) and that won't feel so forced because we BOTH love those particular little mice.


To see what others are reading aloud with their kids, visit Hope is in the Word - and/or play along yourself!


Stephanie said...

So ... question about the new T & N book. From what I can see on Amazon, it looks like the same book, but a different cover and title. Do you know anything different? New stories? I was going to buy it for N1's birthday this weekend, but I'm hesitant now, because everything seems to show that they are the same book, just with a new cover. The descriptions are all the same. What do you know??? : ) If it's a different book, it may end up going back on the list for Christmas!

Janet said...

Funny -- I'm not a huge fan of The Mouse and the Motorcycle either. Despite liking so many other B.C. books.

I like how you laid this out -- "Liked" and "Didn't Like."

Carrie said...

Hey Stephanie - I e-mailed you back but just for the sake of others...

The new Tumtum & Nutmeg book is indeed a new collection of stories. Annette at Live, Love, Learn reviewed it and so I double checked her review:

I also looked through my original e-mail correspondence with LB-kids and she stated that it was a new collection of stories. (Including a Christmas Story and Seaside adventure.)

I DID e-mail the publisher after seeing your comment to tell them that their description on both the LB-kids website and Amazon made it very confusing to tell so hopefully they'll change that!

THANKS for mentioning that!

Annette W. said...

I listened to The Mouse and the MC...and definitely didn't think I wanted my 6-10 year old listening if I had one. Lots of words like stupid and idiot that don't need to be in our home or heads.

Yes...I was confused about the Tumtum and Nutmeg book, too, until I got it.

I also liked the Liked and Didn't Like titles!

Anonymous said...

Thanks! for sharing

Carrie said...

Yeah Annette. Totally with you on the "stupid" and "idiot" words. I was glad to be reading it aloud as you can bet I edited it as I went along! But I am in agreement with you - we don't need that kind of talk in our heads, hearts and homes! I wish authors wouldn't subject children to such things. It's not like we need any additional encouragement to be rude to one another these days!

I'm not sure we'll ever re-read this one but I guess I'm glad to know what it's about seeing that it is apparently a popular title. I do like Cleary's Ramona books but it has been so long since I've read them - Ralph made me wonder if I should quickly peruse them before exposing my children to those as well. I don't remember much about them - only enjoying them.

Alison said...

I remember all of us kids rolling on the floor laughing when mom read us BC's "Otis Spofford". We also enjoyed the Henry Huggins and Ramona books. For some reason, those were the only books we liked of hers. Some of the others (like the ones for girls and the mouse ones) are just something I don't personally care for. The Enormous Egg by Oliver Butterworth is another similar reading level book you should add you your list some time.

Krista said...

I think I vaguely remember reading the Mouse and the Motorcycle when I was a kid... but from a kid's perspective I didn't notice anything "wrong" with it! ;)

Cory loves the Tumtum and Nutmeg book although I'm not sure he's entirely following the story yet!

Stephanie Kay said...

Don't give up on Cleary! Try the Henry books (and Ribsy, his dog). Will loved reading those.

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