Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas Giveaways

Once again things just piled up. I have a bunch of Christmas related items to read/review and giveaway so this entire week is going to be all about presents for YOU!

I wanted to make sure that I put up the Christmas-themed giveaways in time for you to actually receive your winnings should you, er, win! So....I hope you'll put up with a few extra posts this week and you'll enjoy what you see.

I think, because I have a few lined up here all right in a row, that if you mention on your blog that we're doing some Christmas-related giveaways around here, I'll give you an extra comment per contest.

In other words - mention on your blog that there is a giveaway week around here and for each contest you enter, just leave an extra comment.

Totally up to you but either way, I hope you'll enjoy the upcoming offerings which just a few minutes!

Please note that all of the contest you see around here will only run through the end of this week. Usually I keep contests open for one week solid but given the time constraints in making sure the winners receive their items, I'll be cutting the time short for entry.


Sky said...

I just love your contests! Thank you so much for sharing your Christmas spirit and incorporating your giveaways for we, your readers!

Krista said...

It seems to come in waves for me too! I'll try to remember to post a bit about it on my blog!

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