Monday, February 07, 2011


#1 - Dawn at I Eat Books for Breakfast recently started up her book blog. (I love her blog title, don't you?) She interviewed me as part of an idea she has to "Meet Another Book Blogger" on Mondays. Today is the first in her series of interviews and you can see her questions and my answers by clicking on THIS LINK.

#2 - Still plugging away over at Offering Hospitality. We've had some pretty cool posts of late (if you haven't check into it.) A couple of my recent favs - A Family Valentine's Day, by guest poster Amy H. She wrote up several great ideas for how you can celebrate the day with your family. Secondly, I think Bekahcubed wrote up a thought-provoking and convicting post called Someday is a Liar and a Thief which I'd highly encourage you to read.

#3 - Maybe I shouldn't but I'm gonna anyway. This song drives me NUTS:

I know it is supposed to be a very touching song about looking forward to seeing loved ones in Heaven again but the chorus just drives me bonkers.

"Save a place for me..." (I want to ask him if he's worried about space issues in Heaven or reserving a slot in the 144,000 figure. Will there be room for him!?!?)

"Save some grace for me...." (Will God run out?)

For the record, I've kinda stopped listening to the local Christian radio station because the songs are theologically wimpy or generally unsound. Unfortunately though our car only has a cassette player so I've been hunting down cassettes at Goodwill to give us something to listen to when we're driving around.

#4 - Books that I'm interested in based on the recommendation of my fellow bloggers:

Bill Peet: An Autobiography, discussed by Janet from Across the Page
Saving Levi, reviewed by Shonya at Learning How Much I Don't Know

#5 - A song I actually DO like - which seems appropriate for a Monday:


Liz said...

For your listening enjoyment, you should just buy one of those cassette adapters that will plug into your CD player or cell phone.

Carrie said...

Liz - Yes, we have that. But you have no idea the depths to which I am technologically challenged. Jonathan has to be in the car for me to enjoy that. =P

Barbara H. said...

I though Bekah's piece was really good.

Congrats on being interviewed!

I agree about that song.

I was going to mention the cassette adapter, too. We had one -- I just don't know where it is. My van just has a cassette player, too, and for a while I just kept the cassette part plugged in and changed the CD from time to time -- the one we had wasn't challenging at all to use. But for now I am just playing old tapes when whatever is on the radio isn't to my liking.

Annette W. said...

Since our last car purchase (bc the other car was totaled we don't use cassette players. When I was recently trying to clean I found mix tape I made for Derek when we dated. We were both ready to say goodbye to it, but first I want to listen one last time.

Technologically challenged huh? What if Jonathan teaches Bookworm 1? haha!

Carrie said...

Annette - That's actually what is starting to happen. =P How sad is taht!? I have to truly start to REALLY care before I'm willing to learn.

(Hence I will forever be found with an actual book in my hand and never an electronic reader!)

Stephanie Kay said...

Fun interview! I was totally shocked by your 3 favorite books!! (just kidding) :)

Anonymous said...

Thank-you so much for being my very first "Meet Another Book Blogger" Monday. I meant it when I said, I couldn't have asked for a better "first". You inspire me!

Krista said...

That SCC album is one of my all time favorites, in fact it's in my CD player right now and I was just singing along to this song the other day! Love it!
I think I'd like to be friends with Lucy too! :)

Lisa Spence said...

Fun links! And now I have "I'm diving in/I'm going deep" stuck in my head! :)

Unknown said...

Oh I love Matthew West! And actually I find most of his songs to be theologically sound. But I do agree with you that songs that aren't do bug me a fair bit.

I think that the "Save a place" is sort of a figure of speech, but yeah -- why did he have to go for the "save some grace" rhyme???

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