Thursday, February 10, 2011

Making a Statement

I swiped this off of my sister-in-law's blog because I thought it was awesome and deserved some attention.

Living in a day in age where "truth is relative" and anything goes, and people are generally afraid to say what they really believe for fear of . . . something, here's a guy who pokes a little fun at people in order to prove a point.

So often we find ourselves in positions where we want to water down our words and take away the meaning of our statements. We hope that by doing so, people will supply us with thoughts that are not our own which we will then accept "simply" to "keep the peace." We, as a society, seem to have this strange obsession with wanting to be liked no matter what the cost and so we try to make sure no one takes us all that seriously. We toss our convictions aside and stuff our own feelings down so as not to offend but to keep - and make - "friends."

Ohhh, there is a lot I could say on this topic but I think the video says it well. So did Winston Churchill when he said the following:

You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life. ~ Winston Churchill


Big Life Little Country said...

What a great post Carrie. As someone new to the blogging world this is certainly something I've thought about and struggled with. I wish you had a 'share' button so I could post this on facebook/twitter and on my own blog. There maybe a way to do it. I'm not great at technical things so I think I will stick with posting a link at some point :)

Taia said...

When I was a high school debater, rising intonation was claimed to show weakness or vulnerability. I think it does.

As someone who lacks tact and has no inhibitions about speaking her mind, these 3 questions help.
Is it true?
Is it kind?
Is it necessary?

Barbara H. said...

Love that video -- I posted to my FB page a while back. He expresses it so well.

To Anita above -- you can click on the "YouTube" button below the video to get to it there and then under the video there is a link to share it on Facebook. Or you can copy the url there and post it as a link on your status.

Carrie said...

Taia - Yes, those are good questions to ask. And so long as the questions are answered from a Biblical standpoint and perspective, I think they are very valid.

Shonya said...

Wow, that's good!!

Stephanie Kay said...

So very true. Thanks for sharing this video.

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