Tuesday, March 01, 2011

P is for Princess

Yup, yup, still checking out books for girls in great anticipation of adding one to our mix! Here are a few titles that I think are perfectly charming and FUN for little girls. I look forward to sharing these with my own.

P Is for Princess: A Royal Alphabet is a title from Sleeping Bear Press. If you have a little girl who likes princesses - both fictional and non - then you will be greatly interested in this title. We start with A which is of course for Aurora who you might recognize as being the proper name of Sleeping Beauty. Traipsing through the alphabet we learn about real-life princesses, such as Diana Princess of Wales (or, The People's Princess) and Grace Kelly who married Prince Rainier of Monoco.

We also learn of kings and emperors and ladies-in-waiting. Naturally you can't be a real princess with out a tiara!

The illustrations are this book are unique in that they are done by two different authors - a married couple - Robert and Lisa Papp. You can tell the difference when you are reading about a fictionalized fairy tale princess and a non-fiction true-to-life princess. The illustrations vary to suit the mood of the person or character in question which I think is unique and gives the book a feel of accuracy.

What little girl doesn't enjoy paper dolls? Princesses: A Book and Paper Doll Fold-Out Play Set is provided by Peter Pauper Press and is stunning in its detail and quality.

There are eight "royal dress-up paper dolls" in this set with 22 outfits to choose from (among a myriad of accessories.) There are two fold-out scenes with which you can place the royal highness's - one scene with a unicorn and another in her bedchamber. The book also includes a very safe play pocket to store the dolls and accessories after they have been punched out.

What a wonderful, imaginative play set! Naturally it holds up against Peter Pauper Press's standards of quality making this a very nice gift and play set.

Thank you, Sleeping Bear Press and Peter Pauper Press for creating things to both delight and inspire the imaginations of little girls. I appreciated having the opportunity to inspect them and I'm excited to share them with my daughter.


Gidget Girl Reading said...

those are great books we love them.

every little girl needs to own the paper bag princess, Princess & the Kiss: A Story of God's Gift of Purity and The Princess and the Three Knights

Amy said...

any type of Alphabet book is fun. I have not seen the Princess one - cute!


Yvonne said...

You have such a great blog!
You should contact Dawn and be the next blogger interviewed for her "Meet another Book Blogger Monday" post.

Dani said...

I like sleeping bear press alphabet books ... so far we have O is for Old Dominion (the one for our state) ... I'm sure we will collect more. Thanks for sharing. I'll have to keep an eye out for P is for Princess.

Alison said...

How fun! I have two nieces and I love to spoil them. Girl stuff is so cute! It's probably good for our budget that we have a boy. ;)

M pulled out the S is for Smithsonian book you sent us last week. He loves reading it. Thanks again!

Janet said...

These sound sweet. I like the idea of the illustrations done by a man and wife.

We're reading another princess story this week too -- The Ordinary Princess. Seems to be going over quite well so far!

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