Tuesday, May 10, 2011

GO, Maisy, Go! (and other super fun titles)

I love finding books that I think my children will enjoy. The older they get, the more fun it is to choose titles that will entice them into a read, developing a love of story. I was looking through Candlewick Press's latest releases and I figured these titles would be sure to delight my boys. I wasn't wrong! Check these out:

Go, Maisy, Go! was sure to be a hit with both boys, but I thought Bookworm2 would appreciate it the most, being that the cover art displays Maisy riding a "CHOO CHOO!" train. (Guess what our obsession is these days?) Go, Maisy, Go! has been released as a board book and it is a lift-the-flap book. So right there you know it's going to be attractive to exploring hands! Each page spread shows Maisy enjoying some form of transportation and by lifting the flaps you can find her friends - Cyril, Eddie and the gang - as well as finding things like birds, steam and other items which fit the scene. This is your typical Maisy book (and we do love Maisy around here!) but with the invitation to interact. Bookworm2 loved it. So did Bookworm1 (because who can resist lifting the flaps?!)

I selected I Spy With My Little Eye, by Edward Gibbs to enjoy with Bookworm1. This book is so cool. Really cool. Amazingly cool. (I am a particular fan of it, and Bookworm1 thought it was pretty awesome as well!) The book contains spy holes for you to guess at what you might be spying. Turn the page and discover if you are right! Furthermore, both the front and the back cover has a cut-out and if you open the book out completely, you can spy a frog on the spread. Artistically speaking, I think this book rocks! Gibbs was quite creative in playing his game of eye spy, inviting the reader to play their own game at the conclusion of the book - using a spy hole, of course! Love it, love it!

Lastly, I figured both boys would enjoy Cars Galore and my guess was right on there as well! This book has been read many, many times over. Told in rhyme, each page displays and describes a variety of rather interesting cars. Some are tall (and look like buildings), some are music related and others are driven by animals. My boys both like reading the words and spotting the cars in question. This book is not just a fun read, but it is also a fun game. If you have little ones who like checking out various means of transportation and machinery, then we highly recommend this read!

Thank you, Candlewick Press, for sending these books our way! We have loved them!


Annette W. said...

The three titles you chose would all be hits with us!

As you know, we love Maisy and Lucy Cousins (except her book of nursery rhymes...they're a bit dark).

We'll be looking for these titles!

Gidget Girl Reading said...

my girls never got into maisy I love maisy :)

great ispy book :)

Amy @ Hope Is the Word said...

We have that I Spy book right now from the library and I plan to read it tomorrow to go along with our study of eyes and seeing. :-)

Andrew Wiggins said...

we just sadly put our copy of Go, Maisy, Go into a garage sale pile. It was well-used and well-loved though. I'm a bit nostalgic for my girls' Maisy days.

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