Thursday, June 16, 2011

Blog Posts, Relationships and Taking a Couple of Days Off

You know what? I don't have a post for today. Not a "real" one anyway.

I felt pressured to read something fast and create something. But I just didn't have anything planned that I wanted to post today. I started reading a couple of books, but each one was kind of a dud and I didn't think you'd want to hear me tell you that a string of books were just "ok." (I tried out a book on marriage, a book on being a wife, and a book on general relationships and none of them struck me as gold. So I ditched them all pretty quickly.)

And so I have given myself permission to take the rest of the week off. Because it's summertime and because we have fun plans and because I just want to. How's that? I'm giving myself permission to ENJOY face-to-face relationships this week instead of *just* reading and writing about them.

Annette at Live, Learn, Love has a review/giveaway of Instructing a Child's Heart and I recommend you hop over there and check that book out (and enter her contest.)

Beyond that? Have a great rest of the week!


Janet said...

ENJOY. See you when you get back.

Annette W. said...

See you in a few days!! You're right...somehow when I come to RtK, I get excited about whatever book you have read bc YOU get so thanks for not boring us with duds. :)

Barbara H. said...

Have fun with your wee ones. And the big guy, too. :-)

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

I think we're all feeling the pull of face-to-face relationships (real life) in these summer days. I think you're the fifth person this week who has written something similar, myself included on Wednesday.

Enjoy, enjoy!

Bluerose said...

I agree with Annette. I've added many books to my want list, because YOU were excited about it. :)
Have a great long weekend!

Cassandra said...

Yay for days off! Enjoy them to the fullest!

Pam K. said...

I enjoy reading your blog but think it is great you are taking the rest of the week off to enjoy your family. My kids are home for awhile this summer. We just finished playing Monopoly, having lots of laughs and enjoying each other. Have a wonderful time with your husband and kids!

Lisa Spence said...

Enjoy your time away!

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