Friday, June 03, 2011

Captured U.S. Soldier

U.S. Army PFC Bowe Bergdahl was captured by the Taliban in Paktika Province, Afghanistan on 30 June, 2009. He was moved into the Tribal Region of Pakistan soon after. In this video his father addresses the Pakistani Military and the people of Pakistan.

Bowe's sister is a dear friend of mine and I've been praying alongside her for her brother's release since the day of his captivity.

I know the family would appreciate your prayers as well. And please - do spread the word!

Thank you.

(Back to books next week.)


Barbara H. said...

I just can't even imagine. I pray he will be released soon.

Annette W. said...

What a respectful request from a desperate father.

Thank you for sharing so we can pray

Sky said...

I pray he comes safely home soon.

Sky said...

Thank you Carrie, for posting this.

Marks of Faith said...

We've been praying and will continue to do so. (Our Church has been praying too.)

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