Wednesday, August 10, 2011

T is for Tutu, by Sonia Rodriguez

Random-extra-bonus-post for the day. This arrived in my mailbox yesterday and instead of sitting on it for awhile, I thought I'd share it with you instantly. You with girls. You without girls. You who know of some who like pink, fluffy, lacy, frilly dresses and dance all over the house.

T is for Tutu: A Ballet Alphabet is a brand new release from (who else?!) Sleeping Bear Press.

It's pink. It's pretty. It's girly. It's kinda fun.

B is for ballet
where little girls wear
pretty pink tutus
and flowers in their hair.

(Yeah, they mention boys too, but I think given percentages I'm just going to address girls here, ok?)

As always, each letter of the alphabet offers a rhyme related to a particular aspect of ballet, from the Five positions to Joyous Jumps, Music and Recital. I'm sure this would delight any young girl's heart who is anxious and eager to take ballet.

The illustrations in T is for Tutu are done by Wilson Ong and they give the book a classical feel, which I think is very appropriate given the subject matter. Anyone who has ever attended a ballet recital (I never took but I had friends who did and I attended a fair share of recitals over the years) will smile at the illustrations of little toddler girls raising their hands awkwardly (but eagerly!) into the air. One word comes to mind: precious. And yes, I'm coo-ing.

Beautiful book and yet another winner (in my humble opinion) from Sleeping Bear Press. Thank you, as always, for sending a copy my way.

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