Friday, May 25, 2012

Lord of the Rings Legos

Oh yes, my friends. Just in case you hadn't heard the news.

LEGO Gandalf Arrives (9469)

LEGO Shelob Attacks (9470)

LEGO The Mines of Moria (9473)

LEGO The Orc Forge 9476

LEGO Attack on Weathertop (9472)

LEGO Urak-Hai Army (9471)

LEGO The Battle of Helm's Deep


Happy Memorial Day weekend to you!


Diary of an Autodidact said...

I'm torn. Do I like these better, or the Star Wars one?

My younger son, on the other hand, is Cars. Cars, cars, cars, cars, cars. And no, I can't remember who all the characters are, but he is glad to remind me.

Sherry said...

What? No Rivendell?! They really must have an Arwen and Galadriel figure. A hobbit home would be nice too. (Can you tell I'd like the "prettier" side of LOTR? No spiders and Orcs for me, thank you!) of these may have to make an appearance for a certain someone for Father's Day! :)

Stephanie Kay said...

I love LEGOs! I love how they show the difference in personalities between my 2 big boys. My oldest wants to build it once and then use it as the thing he built. My #2 boys wants to build it by the book once or twice and then take it apart and build his own version of the same thing, over and over. Right now we're into Star Wars sets but I'm sure after they read LOTR they'll love these!

Sky said...

I seriously want these! And I agree with Sherry, there needs to be a hobbit home, are they waiting for the new movie release perhaps?

Heather VanTimmeren said...

Well that could take of my Christmas shopping this year - for my two kids AND my husband! (-:

Litterairy said...

I think some nice bits of elven land and some ents would make up for the long-departed Robin Hood sets. Personally I want Galadriel's mirror.

Anonymous said...

Oh, my guys would have loved those!

A Faithful Journey said...

This is such happy news, especially since my little guy is really starting to enjoy Legos!!!

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Rebecca Chapman said...

omg! I looove LOTR and my hubby collects lego - perfet!!

Bluerose said...

We're still using blocks right now. I'm both highly looking forward to legos AND dreading all those little pieces.

Lisa Spence said...

My (too old for Legos) boys were just looking at these online today! They are great LotR fans as well as longtime Lego aficionados!

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