Monday, July 01, 2013

Chronicles of Narnia Reading Challenge :: 2013

Chronicles of Narnia Reading Challenge

Are you ready for the fourth annual Chronicles of Narnia Reading Challenge?! It officially starts TODAY!

The goal? To spend the month of July reading as much about Narnia as possible. 

You have the whole month to read individual stories in The Chronicles of Narnia, watch the movies, listen to audio books or read books about Narnia or C.S. Lewis. Whatever you have the time to do, I invite you to do. (I'm just here to provide you the excuse to do it!) As you proceed through this Challenge, write up various posts about what you have read or your thoughts and impressions. On Wednesday, July 31st we will conclude the challenge and at that time I will invite you to share your posts with us.

If you are participating in this challenge, please leave a comment below stating as much, and then feel free to add my Reading Challenge badge to your own post or blog sidebar with the following code:

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For my part, I plan on re-reading The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe with my two oldest bookworms and then watching the corresponding movie with my oldest.

For myself personally, I plan on reading Planet Narnia: The Seven Heavens in the Imagination of C. S. Lewis. I'm looking forward to that.

Per usual, there will also be Narnia-themed giveaways scattered about so stay tuned for those.

I hope you will consider joining in this month. Spread the word and get ready for FUN!


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Laura Kozy Lanik said...

OK, I think I am going to do this. I have always wanted to read the Chronicles and so this is a good time to start. My reading list for July is packed so I am going to
only commit to one book. The first one in the series.
This is awesome, thanks for hosting and I will definitely participate next year too.

Tarissa said...

I've just started reading the Narnia books (for the first time) this summer. I will definitely be taking part in the challenge! "The Voyage of the Dawn Treader" is next on my list. :-)

Anonymous said...

Sign me up! I've read the Chronicles of Narnia so many times I've lost count. Once more can't hurt, right? I'll also try to branch out and see what else is out there related to Narnia and C.S. Lewis.

Stephanie Kay said...

We love Narnia!! I'm going to try to participate this year. Try being the operative word!

Barbara H. said...

I'm in! I'm reading The Magician's Nephew and The Last Battle.

Kara said...

I'm in! I'm reading "What I Learned In Narnia" and I'm not sure what else...

Shonya said...

It sounds delightful, but my "want to read this month list" is simply too long. I do plan to read some C.S. Lewis, however, as I will read The Great Divorce for the first time. :)

Heather VanTimmeren said...

We are almost always listening to a Narnia book around here (currently The Silver Chair), so, of course, I'm in. Now whether I'll find time to post something on my blog is another matter...

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