Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Reading to Know Classics Book Club 2015

Reading to Know - Book Club

It's really that time again, yes.

It's time to schedule out our book club readings for the coming year. I've asked a few new people to join the ranks and host a month. You'll also note that none of the books on the list below are epic novels,  thereby allowing everyone time enough to read the book during the month it is being discussed.  Another thing you'll recognizing is that the book club reads are being combined with the annual reading challenges which I host here at Reading to Know. The RtK Book Club will be combined with the Lucy Maud Montgomery Challenge in January and the Chronicles of Narnia Reading Challenge in July. This will also help to simplify the reading year, allowing for greater ease in participation.

One additional note: it recently came to my attention that using the description of "book club" seems to insinuate that if you commit to being a part of it, you are signing up for all 12 reads. That's not true! (But I also can't think of a better name for this than a "club" because we read the books and then "come together" to discuss.) Having no better term or label for this, we call it a book club but we invite you to read as you are interested and able. If there are only 3 books on this list of interest to you, please feel free to join in just for those three books! Of course, we hope everyone will play along as much as possible and share their thoughts on the books which they end up reading. We hope you'll make new bookish friends and read authors that you might not have otherwise picked up all on your own. The point is always to have fun so use this "club" in a manner that best suits you and your family.

Now, without further ado, let's move on to the books selected for the upcoming year, shall we?


January - Any Lucy Maud Montgomery title of your choosing, held in conjunction with the Lucy Maud Montgomery Reading Challenge (discussion hosted by Carrie)

L. M. Montgomery Reading Challenge

February - Heart of Darkness, by Joseph Conrad (Discussion hosted by Heather from Don't Let This Universe Forget You)

March - The Pursuit of God, by A. W. Tozer (Discussion hosted by Shonya from Learning How Much I Don't Know)

April - 1984, by George Orwell (Discussion hosted by Annette from This Simple Home)

May - Christy, by Catherine Marshall (Discussion hosted by Stephanie from Simple Things)

June - The Little Prince, by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (Discussion hosted by Amy from Hope is the Word)

July - Any Narnia book (or book about Narnia or C.S. Lewis) of your choosing. Hosted in conjunction with the Chronicles of Narnia Reading Challenge (Hosted by Carrie)

August - Laddie; a true blue story, by Gene Stratton Porter (Discussion hosted by Heather from Lines from the Page)

September - The Screwtape Letters, by C.S. Lewis (Discussion hosted by Barbara from Stray Thoughts)

October- The Hound of the Baskervilles (Discussion hosted by Sky from Circus Caravan of My Thoughts on Things)

November - Grimm's Complete Fairy Tales. Feel free to read one or all, as you please. (Discussion hosted by Rebekah from Bekahcubed)

December- The Sherwood Ring, by Elizabeth Marie Pope (Discussion hosted by Tammy from Bluerose's Heart)

Hope you found something on this list you like! We look forward to reading with you in 2015!

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Stephanie said...


: )

Krista said...

I have actually read a few of these, but really, this is a good excuse to read them again, especially my favorites by Tozer and Lewis! I may participate more than I anticipated!

bekahcubed said...

Woohoo! I'm so excited to be joining in again this year - the list contains several books I've been intending to read for ages so now I've got some impetus to actually do so!

Barbara H. said...

I read a couple of these just this year but see several others I am looking forward to.

Monica said...

Trying to simplifiy my reading list and get through some of my favorite authors I had decided to choose 3 authors to read all next year. But, now you have enticed me to jump in on a few of these. Altough Montgomery is an author I chose for next year, January I will continue reading the Anne Series and pick up other series later in the year. February and September reads have been on my list for a while so I many join in to get them knocked out! Thanks for hosting yet another year! Always fun!

BerlinerinPoet said...

I was just telling Husband that I wanted to reread The Screwtape Letters. So, I'm happy about this year.

Tarissa said...

A few of these have been on my TBR list for years, and some of the others that I'm not as acquainted with... I still want to read! Very excited about 2015's reading line-up.

Lisa notes... said...

So slow to getting around, but I definitely want to participate in several of these months! Thanks for hosting, Carrie. Maybe one year I'll get it together to host a month myself. :)

Shonya said...

How exciting!!! :D

Amy @ Hope Is the Word said...

You know which one I'm most excited about? Christy!!!

Jan said...

A book club that I don't have to feel guilty about if I don't have time to participate every month? Woot, count me in for January and July for certain; hopefully the whole year if life doesn't get in the way. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I'm in!

Susan said...

Wooo hooo. I am now prepared to participate. I have my February book and will commence reading today! Thanks for organizing this, Carrie.

And I just posted about it. ;)

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