Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Lucy Maud Montgomery Reading Challenge Conclusion (2018)

L. M. Montgomery Reading Challenge

And so we once again reach the end of another Lucy Maud Montgomery Reading Challenge. If you managed to read/watch anything relating to L.M.M.'s life or work, let us know in the comment section below! This is the time to leave links to reviews and further thoughts, sharing with people the stories you enjoyed and the things you learned.

I hope you had a good reading month. Go ahead and mark your calendars for next year's reading challenge. Next year we'll celebrate the Lucy Maud Montgomery Reading Challenge's TENTH anniversary and I'll make it good!

Hope you enjoyed!

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Tarissa said...

I finished 2 of my 3 books for the challenge. The one I didn't finish (yet) is Maud by Fishbane. Also... I "accidentally" got sidetracked with another book... an unexpected re-read of Anne of Green Gables (which I still have to finish as well). So those reviews will be on my blog in the next week or so.

Here are the 2 books I DID finish for the challenge! And they were a perfect delight to read.

Pat of Silver Bush

LMM Short Stories, 1902-1903

Already, I'm excited for next year, Carrie. :)

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