Friday, January 12, 2018

Prince Edward Island in Photos

Our family vacation in 2017 was to Eastern Canada where we spent some time on Nova Scotia and then, chiefly, Prince Edward Island. As mentioned, we spent a great deal of time as a family immersing ourselves in the world of Lucy Maud Montgomery leading up to the trip and it was an enjoyable and wonderful experience.

I probably won't read as much Montgomery this year, strictly because I'm rather saturated at the moment, but I will read some. Meanwhile, thought you all might enjoy seeing a few pictures that we took during our time on the Island. It was beautiful, it was wonderful, and yes, I want to go back!

For starts, this was our "back yard" during our stay.

One of life's chief happy thoughts for me is having red dirt on my boots! Heh...

We watched a lot of sunsets to the point where our children asked us why we "had" to watch so many sunsets. (We're mean that way.)

We hiked all over the place.

And we saw the things we wanted to see.

Over all it was a magical, wonderful time and we cherished every moment (except for the part where we got a tummy bug but nothing in life can ever be perfect).

It was a lovely visit. Hope you've enjoyed the pictures.


Barbara H. said...

Beautiful! I'm not a good traveler, but that is one place I think I would enjoy visiting.

Abbie said...

We went to PEI in July 2027. We were not prepared to be so awed by its beauty! I would love to go back.

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