Monday, December 31, 2018

List of 52 Books I'd like to Read in 2019

I'm going to try something I've never tried before. I am going to set my reading goal for 2019 at 52 books. (You can track with me on Goodreads HERE.) Usually I like to go with the flow of things and pick books randomly as the year trots along and who knows but that I'll do that yet. However, I'd like to conduct a little experiment and see how much I could read from a planned list of books. Let us see.

Out of 52 books I'd like to leave room for 12 random reads because something tells me this experiment doesn't stand a chance unless there's room for some amount of flexibility!

That leaves 40 books to select and put on a Prepared Reading List for 2019.  In no particular order, these are the titles I'd really like to get to in 2019. Many are from my own bookshelves and there are some I'm probably going to be forced to collect. (Wink)

Starting with the most important read of the year and moving on from there -

1. I'll be using the One Year Chronological Study Bible this year again. I've used it for the past 5(ish?) years and I find it the easiest, most consistent way to make sure I read through the Bible every year. It's laid out by date which is ever so helpful as I'm not trying to keep track of a separate piece of paper and keep track of readings. Why that's a challenge for me, I don't know, but I do know that this particular One Year Bible has been tremendously handy and feel I ought to stick with it!

Account for Flexible Reads -

2 - 13. Open slots for flexibility.


Fiction - 

14. The Clockmakers Daughter, by Kate Morton. This title was just released this fall. LOVE Kate Morton. My son gave me this book for Christmas and I can't wait to dive in.

15. The Story Peddler, by Lindsay Franklin. Another gift from another son for Christmas. (It was a very good, bookish sort of Christmas!)

16. Carrie's War, by Nina Bawden. I picked this one up in Scotland because, I mean, how could I not?

17. Daddy Long Legs, by Jean Webster. I picked up the Puffins Classic version because a.) it's pretty and b.) I haven't read this book yet.

18. A Rogue's Life, by Wilkie Collins

19. Golden Lads, by Daphnie Du Maurier

20. Crossing to Safety, by Wallace Stegner

21. Castaways of the Flying Dutchman, by Brian Jacques

22. Along the Shore, by L.M. Montgomery

23. The Gown, by Jennifer Robson (I have a review copy for this one!)

Non-Fiction - 

24. Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus, by Nabeel Quireshi

25. Victoria and Abdul, by Shrabani Basu (I'm terribly iffy on this one and if there was a book I might change my mind about, this would be the one. I picked it up at the library book sale after hearing about the movie. Reading the back of the book makes me rethink things. We'll see.)

26. The Gift of Fear and Other Survival Signals that Protect Us From Violence, by Gavin de Becker (Came highly recommended by a friend of mine.)

27. It's Not Supposed to Be This Way, by Lysa Terkuerst

Books I'd like to Re-Read - 

28. Stepping Heavenward, by Elizabeth Prentiss

29. Hinds' Feet on High Places, by Hannah Hurnard

30 - 41. The Mitford Series, by Jan Karon

To Read With the Kids

42. The Mysterious Benedict Society, by Trenton Lee Stewart (a re-read, but the younger kids don't remember it)

43. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, by L. Frank Baum

44 - 49. The First Five Great Mouse Detective Books, by Eve Titus

50. The Magic Faraway Tree, by Enid Blyton

51. Mr. Popper's Penguins, by Richard Atwater

52. Ramona the Pest, by Beverly Cleary

That's a wrap.

Even just writing down those titles made me realize how little reading time I've carved out for myself of late and how small a stack 52 books really is when all is said and done. Clearly I shall die with a TBR list that's 14,000 miles long. I'm sure you can appreciate the feeling, yes? Writing this down motivates me to read, read, read and see if I can best myself. But. If all I read are 52 books it will be good and I need to be satisfied with that! Here's to books, the places they take us, and how much that they teach us!

Happy 2019 everyone!


Tarissa said...

I believe you've set forth a wonderful reading plan for 2018. I wish you great success with it! There's some great titles you've listed here. I'm a big fan of Du Maurier, but haven't read Golden Lads, so that intrigues me. But... I already have 2 other titles I plan to read from her this year. :)

Stepping Heavenward is a BEAUTIFUL book! I really need to re-read that one someday, as I can barely remember the story... just that it is good. Also, once you all read The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, you'll have to decide if you'd like to continue the story with the 13 sequels it has. :O

I hope that we're doing the Montgomery challenge? I await it eagerly.


Carrie said...

@Tarissa - YES! We're ON! I just posted about it. 10 years.

Barbara H. said...

An ambitious list! I think I usually plan for maybe 24 or so specific books, usually due to challenges I am participating in. But I like to leave room for new finds during the year as well. I like some balance between planned and unplanned, classic and modern, already-owned and new-to-me. Usually I read somewhere in the 50-60 range, but last year managed 78.

My TBR list is ever-increasing even though I chip away at it every year. But I am ok with that: I figure a long TBR list will always give me something to look forward to.

Carrie said...

@Barbara H - True! It does always give you something to look forward to.

Although we're only like, what?, 4ish days into the year I've already found my list to be helpful. It's a useful tool to compete against myself. I'm not at all sure why that is, but a present I find it's helpful in steering me along.

Paula Vince said...

I've just discovered your blog from following the instagram link. Wow, what a great list. I tried a 52 week challenge back in 2015, and the pressure of reading and reviewing a book a week got to me. I love your list though, and will look forward to your reviews of these books.

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