Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Lucy Maud Montgomery Reading Challenge Conclusion (2019)

Right. So, I bet you thought I forgot to bring this to a close, didn't you? It's a reasonable assumption. The fact is, life has just not ceased to slow down. I was thinking that as long as I closed down the challenge within the first week of February all would be well. But life has a way of snowballing and I don't really know how it is that the month is halfway over. (Actually, I DO know how that is. It's been a hard and long month and yet a fast paced one!) Anyway, for those of you who have patiently been waiting for this last post, here it is.

What L.M. Montgomery books did you manage to sneak in during the month of February? I managed only the one: Along the Shore (linked to review) but I enjoyed it thoroughly.

As this was the 10th year of the challenge, I did want to host a little giveaway and I'll do that now!

I would like to offer one of my original watercolor portrait mugs and a mug rug to one of you lovely readers from my Etsy shop. There are two Anne versions to choose from or an Emily. As for the mug rugs, you can choose between Anne or Emily.

Mug Option #1 - Anne of Green Gables Friendship mug.

Mug Option #2 - Anne of Green Gables mug.

Mug Option #3 - Emily of New Moon Mug.

And then let me know your preferred choice for a mug rug, either Anne or Emily:

All of these Anne items are located in my Etsy shop (along with many, many other bookish characters)! Browse around at A Fine Quotation.

To win? Easy!

1. Leave a comment letting me know which mug you would choose and which mug rug you would choose should your name be drawn as the winner.

2. An extra comment for an extra entry may be left if you participated in the reading challenge. Let me know which book you read during the month of January and, if you wrote a review of it, leave a link!

That's it!

This contest will be open through Sunday, February 17, 2019. A winner will be announced on Monday.

Many thanks to all who hang around these parts and read book reviews. I hope you all had a lovely start to 2019 and maybe Montgomery made the transition a little bit easier. Maybe!



Anonymous said...

I would choose mug #1 and Anne mug mat <3 and then gift them to my sister Anne!
Joan - jrstoller1 at live dot com

Anonymous said...

This is the first year I remember following along! My 6yo and I have been listening to Anne of Green Gables audiobook in the car. And I ordered and read Along the Shore, after your post I realized it was one of the few I didn't have yet, but a few stories were familiar so maybe I had borrowed it in the past?
Joan jrstoller1 at live dot com

Barbara H. said...

I read Marilla of Green Gables: I enjoyed it quite a lot.

I like the Anne friendship mug and rug.

Tarissa said...

How exquisite! I'm in a rapture right now over the lovely giveaway prizes.

I like the Anne mug #2 and the Anne mug rug. Even though I love Emily soooo much...

In January, I finished reading 3 books for the challenge. Here's my reviews of each.

Terra Heck said...

I'd like the Anne mug rug and the mug #2 option. Thanks.

Stephanie said...

Decisions!!! I think I would pick Anne and Diana and an Anne rug though I'm torn!

Stephanie said...

I reread Emily's trilogy for the first time in probably 8-10 years and enjoyed it so much. So many colorful characters and depth in those books!

bekahcubed said...

I love the Anne mug #2 and the Anne mug rug. I enjoyed reading Anne of Avonlea, Anne of Green Gables: a Graphic Novel, and a couple of Anne board books. I wrote a wrap up post at bekahcubed.

My email is b3masterATmenterzDOTcom

Becky said...

I would choose mug option #1 Anne Friendship :) And the Anne mug rug :)

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