Wednesday, June 23, 2021

A Place to Hang the Moon, by Kate Albus


A Place to Hang the Moon is Kate Albus's debut album and worth every bit of your reading time. It won't last long enough for you -- that's how good it is. I had this book recommended to me by a trusted #Bookstagram friend (@bookworm_baggins) and she did not steer me wrong. I trust I'll not steer you wrong either.

This book is set in England during the early stages of World War II as children were just being sent to billets outside of London. Siblings William, Edmund and Anna find themselves in an usual situation in that their grandmother has just passed away and there are no other relatives for them to be sent to live with. It's not exactly the most stable situation in England, so what will their solicitor choose to do with them? Dare they use the systems in place to evacuate children in order to find them a forever family? Certainly it's a bit of a different approach, but will it work? That's what we find out in A Place to Hang the Moon.

Kate Albus's writing style is clever and calm. Although this is obviously a high tense situation that the children find themselves in, it has a Narnia flavor about it. The kids are capable of seeing the adventure and understanding what is at stake for them. Yes, they meet with challenges but you are confident of their ability to overcome. The characters are believable and appealing enough to wish you could know them in real life. There isn't anything I disliked about this story.

I was delighted at the conclusion of the read to discover in the Acknowledgements that Albus herself is a fan of Narnia (hence Edmund) further cementing the friendship I feel towards her. You all know of my long fascination with both Narnia and The Mysterious Benedict Society. Put this piece of Middle Grade fiction high up on my list of Top Books Carrie Recommends. I can't think of anyone who wouldn't like it. If someone said that they weren't a fan, assume the fault is theirs and not the book's. Albus has done beautifully and I will look forward to reading anything else she writes in the future.  

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