Monday, February 26, 2007

Danger in the Shadows, by Dee Henderson

This book restored my faith in Christian writers -- somewhat. HA! Actually, about as much as I'd rather like to say I didn't like it, the truth is that I did!

I don't have a great deal to say about this book. It's the first thing I've ever read by Dee Henderson. It might not be the last, but it will be awhile before I'll read anything else, partly because this was rather suspenseful (and I don't do a LOT of suspense well) and because I have too many other books I want to get to.

I thought Henderson did a nice job of telling her story without jarring me out of it with her use of scripture and a Biblical message. So many Christian authors are very jarring. Many are like watching a bad actor in a stage production of a really good play. They continuously draw you OUT of the story. Henderson, I thought, managed to tell her story in a manner that had me flipping pages in anticipation (and a hopeful relief of the tension!) that was not graphic but held serious content. The story can be as bad as you want it to be, or as good as you want it to be. Make sense? You might have to read it to figure that one out for yourself.

I could see this on the big screen which means that the book doesn't land in my Treasure Pile by any means. It's too modern and floofy to be taken too seriously, literary speaking. But it's fun. And its adventurous. And if you like suspense-- it does the job in a manner that won't leave you suffering needlessly with gorey details. So I liked it. A lot.

Next I will be reading something lighter and happier to ensure a good night's sleep! HA!


Alison said...

Glad you liked this book. It is one of her best. Dee is one of my favorite authors if you want an easy read. Although, I usually hesitate to recommend her books since they are in the “Christian romance” section of the bookstore. I wish she wasn’t in that category since the most romance you usually find in her books is (maybe) a kiss at the end or a “yeah, we should go on a date” comment.

Karen said...

I'm glad your faith in Christian writing is restored. :)

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