Friday, May 11, 2007

The Blog in Our Eyes

For anyone who loves to blog as much as I do - I'd be curious to hear your opinion on this series of articles shared through Pulpit Magazine onlinewhich I shall hastily sum up as "the Christian approach to blogging." I'm curious for your thoughts!

The Blog in Our Eyes, Part I

The Blog in Our Eyes, Part II

The Blog in Our Eyes, Part III

The Blog in Our Eyes, Part IV


Unknown said...

Thanks for linking to this, Carrie. It was really interesting and right on-point I think.

Rose said...

I just skimmed these articles, but it sounds good to me. This guy seems humble and sincere, doesn't actually take on anyone personally (too many 'exhortations' are just attacks on how someone else handled something), and backs it all up with Scripture.

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