Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Go Tell it on the Mountain

Many Christians seemed to be adverse to the idea of telling stories as a form of teaching or communicating. They seem to forget that Jesus made a habit out of doing the same thing. At any rate, I read two different blog posts on the topic this morning and I invite you to check them out as well! (Why should I repeat what has already been said so well?)

QOC talks about Telling the Story of Jesus.

Amy Jane discusses using stories in conversation.



return home gnome said...

Haha! I feel your frustration! Fortunately, there is a growing movement in the church back towards telling stories; my brother is in that camp. I mean, if Jesus did it all the time, to adults as well as children, then why shouldn't we? Perhaps our culture has labeled "story" too much as "fiction" and left it with the children.
Regardless, I appreciate your post. My brother tells pretty good stories: he's a campus minister and you can listen to him (and tales about me which he sometimes tells) at
Click on the ones by Chris R.

Carrie said...

oo oooO! Must go hear stories of you! =D (Ok, ok, I know that's not his main point but still.) Thanks for giving out the link!

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