Tuesday, June 12, 2007


I need a good biography on Jonathan Edwards and George Whitefield.


Alison said...


Check out the Leaders In Action series from Cumberland House Publishers. They have a book on George Whitfield. I haven't read the book on him yet, but I have enjoyed the other books in the series. They are fairly thorough, but still what I consider very easy reading. Hope that helps! :-)



Alison said...

P.S. Not enough coffee to be able to spell "Whitefield" this early in the morning. :-) I also found elsewhere on their website (check under "biography") that they do publish a biography on Jonathan Edwards as part of the same series. Not sure why they don't list it with the others.....

Carrie said...

THANKS, A. That's very helpful!

Unknown said...

No suggestions, but please be sure to review them. I have been wanting to know more about them.

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