Thursday, October 16, 2008

'cause you've got personality, walk personality, talk personality . . .

My friend Calon Lan posted about her results on the Myers-Briggs test which I had just taken myself the other day. I'm an ENTP. What I found most interesting is the fictional and historical characters who are also ENTP's that are listed at the bottom of this particular article. These are characters who share my personality type. I find this extremely fascinating because these are the characters I have either admired or enjoyed watching/learning about as I continue to grow up. These are characters who have captured my imagination, tickled my funny bone and inspired me. Amazing! Check this out.

People/characters I am most like:

1. Alexander the Great

Heh, heh. (Blushes embarrased.) A the G was short and so am I but that's as far as I want to draw the comparison in this exact moment.

2. Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt

I've been wanting to read Mornings on Horseback for a long time. I'm even more inspired now.

3. Lewis Carrol, author (Alice in Wonderland)

I can't confess to always understanding Alice in Wonderland, but I have loved the concept and it's one of my top favorite Disney Classics. His sense of humor makes no sense at times and yet I find him amusing. Scary.

4. Alfred Hitchcock

Hitchock is as suspenseful as I like to get on film. I've watched several "behind the scenes" documentaries of some of his films as well as the Biography edition featuring Hitchcock and I've always appreciated his subtle humor in movie making. I like how he also appears in each of his films - ever so subtly. That's so me. I like to be out there, but not easily noticed.

5. CĂ©line Dion

I've always liked her music and her approach to life but I think that's where my identification ends.

6. Matthew Perry, Chandler ("Friends")

Ok. Whatever your thoughts on Friends might be - I watch because of Chandler. He has the hands down best lines and best sense of humor. I am greatly amused!

7. Garfield the cat

Garfield has always been my most favorite cartoon character. I know he's been around awhile (hey! as long as me!) but I still find him humorous.

8. Horace Rumpole, from John Mortimer's Rumpole of the Bailey series

Have you read Rumpole? Read my review of Rumpole of the Bailey here. Love this guy!

For a quick description of the personality, I've included some of the test results here:

ENTPs are usually verbally as well as cerebrally quick, and generally love to argue--both for its own sake, and to show off their often-impressive skills. They tend to have a perverse sense of humor as well, and enjoy playing devil's advocate. They sometimes confuse, even inadvertently hurt, those who don't understand or accept the concept of argument as a sport.

(Other than the part about having impressive arguing skills, I do all of this. And hurt people unintentionally as a result which has my attention of late.)

In terms of their relationships with others, ENTPs are capable of bonding very closely and, initially, suddenly, with their loved ones.

(This should explain my close connection with some of you bloggers out there. When I find someone I can identify with, I tend to make friends with them very fast.)

ENTPs are basically optimists, but in spite of this (perhaps because of it?), they tend to become extremely petulant about small setbacks and inconveniences. (Major setbacks they tend to regard as challenges, and tackle with determination.)

I'm not sure how true that is, really, but I find it interesting.

Anyway, that's me. What about you?


return home gnome said...

So how fun you finally did this! :)

Sky said...

infj - Counselor Idealist
Famous people of my type;
John Bradshaw, Mother Teresa, Robert Burns, John Calvin, Nicole Kidman Mohandas Gandhi, Sidney Poitier, Eleanor Roosevelt, Jane Goodall, Emily Bronte, Sir Alec Guiness, Carl Jung, Mary Baker Eddy, Queen Noor are all examples of the Counselor Idealist type.


B said...

A fellow INFJ here, Sky!

Unknown said...

Interesting. I think that's what my dad is.

I don't KNOW what I am. I always tested borderline E/I, but the overall description for ENTJ fit me more than INTJ, but now I've become even more comfortable in the I temperament, so I don't know.

I just took one of those, and I was coming out ISTJ or ISTP and I don't agree with those.

Queen of Carrots said...

I'm also an ENTP--I'm actually kind of surprised you tested as that, because you're always so good at maintaining friendships/groups and I tend to think of that as an SJ characteristic. (Definitely NOT something I am good at.) But it does explain why you and Ronald (INTJ) got along. INTJs and ENTPs make good friends because they don't take each other's sarcasm too seriously. ;-)

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