Sunday, March 01, 2009

Classic Bible Storybook, by Kenneth Taylor

I didn't realize this but Kenneth Taylor (the author of Classic Bible Storybook) is the translator of The Living Bible and founder of Tyndale House Publishers. Taylor had a desire to make the Bible easy enough for anyone to understand and, being the father of 10 children, he desired to translate the Bible so that his children (and others) would be able to easily grasp the stories and concepts in the living word. The illustrations in this particular Bible Storybook might look familiar to some of you as they were done as early as 1979. (I can't get an accurate idea of exactly what year they were created but that's the first copyright mentioned that I saw.)

There are 121 stories in this book. The Storybook begins in Genesis and goes all the way through to Revelation. (You might recall I reviewed some Bible story books for Kids from Tyndale some time ago and I was kinda surprised at how much of the Bible some Bible storybooks seem to leave out.) I like the comprehensive type of story books as I think it will make more sense in the long run to present children with the entire word of God instead of mere snippets. That being said, I think the Bible as a whole might be a bit overwhelming to a youngster and so having it laid out in chunks, and told as if a story (which it is!) would be appealing and useful. Each story is about one to one and a half pages in legnth. Each story is wrapped up with three questions for you to discuss with your child. It's all very straightforward and to the point without being dry. It makes for an easy read with little difficulty in achieving comprehension.

On the whole, I think this particular Bible Storybook
is quite well done. Two thumbs up to Tyndale for this one! I'm glad to have it in our home library.

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