Monday, May 04, 2009

A Proverbs Driven Life

A Proverbs Driven Life: Timeless Wisdom for Your Words, Work, Wealth, and Relationships is another publication by Shepherd Press (the publishers of books such as Instructing a Child's Heart). This particular book encourages the reader to live a life that is directed and motivated by the Proverbs.

The author makes a good and valid point straight away that Proverbs shouldn't be the book we gravitate towards when we're in the middle of a crisis and feel the need for a quick shot of wisdom. He also doesn't say that we should ignore Proverbs either. On the contrary, he says that it should be such a daily part of our lives, an established habit, that we don't NEED to dive in times of trial but can instead go about applying and living its principles all the time. Proverbs living should be a first thought, not a life preserver second thought. (Although, for the record, it's fine to go to Proverbs in the midst of a struggle. It's good at any and all times. It's just better to know it so that you can USE it in the trial, not struggle through trying to comprehend and apply.)

This book is subtitled well and describes how it is divided up. Author Anthony Selvaggio first talks about how to use wise words, to work wisely, to save and spend money wisely and talks about applying wisdom in relationships. I found myself gravitating towards the sections on words and relationships and found those to be the most useful. Then again I am female and I have a bad habit of running at the mouth. That, and I care about relationships, even if I'm accidentally destroying them. These were good sections for me to read and focus on. But really, the whole book provided a lot of practical application and fresh thoughts on how we should be utilizing this amazing book of the Bible. I'd encourage you to read it. I think you'll get a lot out of it!

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