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Chronicles of Narnia Reading Challenge

Chronicles of Narnia Reading Challenge
I'm home alone as I'm typing up this post, getting ready for the Chronicles of Narnia Challenge. As I'm thinking through what I want to say to get us started, I'm listening to a Rebecca St. James song about Aslan. (I've posted the video clip below.) This song is moving me to tears. I hope you'll take a listen for some inspiration as you begin reading (or if you've already begun reading.)

Now what is required for this challenge? Very little. You decide how much or how little you want to read about the land of Narnia. All you need to do today is link your blog up to the Mr. Linky below so that people will know that you are participating. If you've written an introductory post on your blog talking about the challenge, all the better! Link up that specific post! As you read through The Chronicles of Narnia visit around and see what other people are reading and thinking about.

Then come back here on Friday, July 17th to link up all of your Narnia posts from this month. (Whether you write one post or a dozen! Come and link them all!)

To me, reading the Chronicles of Narnia isn't so much about the world, the adventures, or the Pevensie children, although it includes all of those things. To me, this series is about Aslan and who I believe he represents.

I enjoy rereading the Narnia series because everytime I read it I glean something new from it. To share a quote from Prince Caspian . . . this is Lucy talking to Aslan:

“Aslan, Aslan. Dear Aslan. At last.”

…She gazed up into the large wise face. “Welcome child,” he said.
“Aslan,” said Lucy, “you’re bigger.”

“That is because you are older, little one,” answered he.
“Not because you are?”

“I am not. But every year you grow, you will find me bigger.”

Everytime I read about Narnia, Aslan becomes a little bigger to me. Just as it should be.

I also like to read Narnia because it is GOOD writing. C.S. Lewis was a brilliant writer and he's worth spending a bit of time with. He was a master story teller who really worked at his craft and thought about the words and phrases that he used. Reading Narnia reminds me what quality writing is and it steers me towards other great books of the same nature and standard of excellence.

I look forward to revisiting this series with company along the journey! I can't wait to see what you all choose to read and what you learn/think about or just enjoy from it!

Speaking of enjoyment, Amy from Hope is in the Word has a fabulous Narnia giveaway that she is including in the Challenge. Stay tuned for details about that. I may come up with a prize or two to include myself. Even if you are not a regular subscriber to Reading to Know, you might consider subscribing for a bit so that you don't miss any Narnia giveaways. You don't know what might pop up!

In the meantime, thanks for playing! I look forward to getting to know you!

(Mr. Linky seems to be having some troubles. If you wouldn't mind leaving a comment in the comment section as well as linking your blog up, that would be fantastic! Just in case.)


B said...

I have no idea if Mister Linky worked for me, so I'll definitely leave a comment. I've had the challenge on my calendar since you mentioned it -- for whatever reason I've never read all the books, and I think I should give them a try.

Amy @ Hope Is the Word said...

HI Carrie!

I decided to link myself up since I had to come over for your post's URL anyway.

Have a great day!

Here's a link just in case Mr. Linky isn't working--->

ibeeeg said...


I am signing up for this challenge.

Whitney said...

I'm signing up this challenge too!

Kipi said...

I'm in, I'm in! Here is my link:

Shelley said...

I'm in! Here's my startup link:

CherryBlossomMJ said...

I did not even see a Mr Linky up, but I'm in for the most part.

Oh, BTW your header still links to and then you have to be redirected by blogger if you just want to go to your front page as opposed to a specific post without typing the address. Just FYI.

Sherry said...

Great idea, Carrie, a Narnia party! Count me in.

Jen @ Happy Little Homemaker said...

I'm in!

bekahcubed said...

I've been pumped about this for a while now--wrote the date in my planner and everything. I'm definitely in!

My website is bekahcubed

Inquirer said...

Narnia! We are in. My 9 year old has read the series three times. I love anything by C.S. Lewis. I have some great ideas ... I'll have to flesh them out after the weekend at

If you are going to read the series, don't forget to read the books in Lewis' original order ... they are more fun and make more sense. Start with The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. That is how they were meant to be read!

Unknown said...


Here's the truth. Get ready. I am not a huge Narnia fan (ducking and cowering in case you try to hit me).

I didn't write up a post, but I linked my blog. I read The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe in college in a juvenile lit class, because I had always heard how symbolic it was, and I just didn't get it. Truth.

Amanda has read the first two, but she's also not a huge fan.

SO--we're going to try again. I'm thinking that I may get some audiobooks for our driving trip, because we could all listen. We'll see.

Carrie said...

Oh Jennifer, JENNIFER, Jennifer.....

Well, we must be even somewhere. ;D haha! Hope you find an audio series that you can all really enjoy! I haven't listened to any of hte stories myself BUT I've *heard* that the Focus on the Family radio drama is good. Someone else mighthave more input in that area...

AlleluiaLu said...

I'm definitely signing up for this challenge - don't know if you got my comment before, so here's another. I've been in Narnia-mode since I read about the challenge and have actually watched "The Chronicles of Narnia - the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" at least 3 times since then. For some reason it has been on television repeatedly. Anyway, I've never read all the books, so I'm doing it now. I'm collecting my blogposts into one post so I can send them along in July. I may have to send them early since I will be in Ireland on July 17th.
Thanks for running this challenge!

Just Mom said...

I signed up on Mr. Linky andthink it worked but here's my url just in case!

I hope I have time to read lots but I know July 17th will be here fast!

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