Friday, July 24, 2009

FuN FriDaY

Because sometimes life should be a little ridiculous.

I LOVED Herman's Hermits when I was growing up. Technically they ARE "before my time" and I can't remember how I discovered them. I just know that I think their songs are kind of catchy. And lucky for my husband, I stumbled upon them on Youtube today when trying to find something else. Now the songs are restuck in my head and Jonathan will be asking himself, "Why-yi! yi! yi! yi!"

(I gotta learn that little dance step there at the end. haha!)

Something tells me I'm into something good . . .


Unknown said...

We lived parallel lives. You are almost a decade younger than me, I think, BUT I just discovered that you liked the Beatles -- as did my best friend (and thus, me), and yes, we liked Herman's Hermits too! My mom listened to an oldies station, so I can sing along with many many groups -- Everly Brothers, Temptations, not to mention Elvis.

jama said...

I am much older than you, but just the right age when HH became popular. I even met them in Hawaii, when I belonged to a special fan club for meeting British rock groups! Peter Noone and Keith Hopwood were my faves :).

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