Tuesday, August 04, 2009

"Wordless" Wednesday

Well, we can't be TOTALLY wordless around here. But the post does start with pictures of my son feeding ducks at the duck pond. (For more wordiness, see below. Or you can just look at the pictures of my incredibly cute child feeding these hilarious ducks and then flee the scene. Your choice.)


Starting words now:

In the past few weeks I've been experimenting making "Pooh bread" using my friend's recipe. It's amazingly easy and I think I have it almost and just about right. However, we have had some flops ("not too hot, not too cold but JUST RIGHT") for which the ducks by our local pond have been incredibly enthusiastic about. One man's trash is another duck's treasure, as they say! This has also produced some fun family outings as we have gone out together to rid ourselves of these Lumps of Lead.

While I have been failing in the bread department to some extent, I have been succeeding in attempt to return books to the library ontime! We even went back for some more! Given our duck philanthropy, I decided to get some books on ducks for us to read.

The best book from our stack was DK Readers: Duckling Days. I spent the whole time wondering exactly how they managed to accomplish getting the photographs for this book. Duckling Days is laid out in a story format, which follows one particular duck family - from pre-birth to the time when the ducklings are learning to swim in the water with their mother. We gleaned from this book that ducks lay eggs from which more baby ducks come. (I'm waiting for him to connect dots to my cracking eggs for recipes. So far we're good.) This book isn't really scientific but it does cover basic facts and includes interesting photographs, making this a quick and easy read.

The second best book we got on ducks was Watch It Grow: Duck which was a bit more informative and covered the life cycle of a duck. The last page spread talks about mating habits (remember - we're only two!) so we skipped that page, but otherwise the book was informative and fun. It also uses real photographs which I appreciate from a strictly non-fiction type of book. This book was probably more fascinating for mommy than Bookworm1 because it was detailed enough to tell you that it takes 48 hours to for the duckling to break out of its shell and that it eats the egg yolk off of its own body while gaining in strength so that it can leave the nest to forage for food. (DISGUSTING!)

My mom, who home schooled my brother and I growing up, always talked about how much she learned while schooling us. She got a bigger kick out of the lessons than I did, lemme tell ya! (Read: I enjoyed being home schooled but learning from one's own mother is not ALWAYS a joy.) I'm now beginning to understand her excitement. Little facts that I previous dismissed are suddenly sticking as I'm trying to pass on knowledge to my own little duckling. It's kinda fun and an understandable 'kick' now, if you will. Apparently all I needed to realize the value of teaching one's own children is age and maturity. Well, ha. (I hope you are clearly reading all of the sarcasm.)

Bottom line: We can bake bread, feed ducks and are adult enough to get the library books back on time.

I CAN improve. Just watch me!


Kailani said...

Wow, that's a lot of ducks! They usually end up chasing me. :-)

An Island Life

Abi said...

Yep, I keep telling myself this fall I start High School for the third time. There must be something in High School that I'm not getting; the Lord keeps putting me back through it.

MadeInCanarias said...

So great photos, the ducks are cool!

Susie said...

Oh my goodness!! Those pictures are so cute!!

Carmen said...

LOVE that second picture with duck poking its head at you. We are banned here from feeding the ducks and geese, as they gather on the lawns. It was fun when we could.

Kat @ For the Love of Chaos said...

We took our kids to the parish park about 4 years ago and my now-6-year-old refused to get down off the picnic table because she was terrified of the ducks LOL :)

Such a sweet set of pics!

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