Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday Favs

Hosted by Susanne Living to Tell the Story, this is a meme I want to participate in to remind me to keep looking for the silver linings around clouds, and to take joy in the "little things" of life.

1. It's boisterous. It's excited. But so am I (because as of today, I'm down one more exam towards my history degree!):

2. We went to this cool Renaissance Faire last weekend that was WAY cool. We decided to make it a yearly habit. Here is one picture for your enjoyment:

You can see a few more of our pictures if you want to visit our photography blog. (All of the pictures are pretty cool. Because knights jousting IS pretty cool deal, afterall!)

3. I took a stack of books into a local used bookstore and got $32 in trade which I got to go a bit crazy with. That's always fun. Along the way I picked up the following book per many of your (subtle and sometimes not-so-subtle) suggestions:

So, eventually, I really will read it!


I wrote about Beauty Will Rise yesterday and WHY I am so excited about it.

5. IT'S A WEEKEND (and daddy doesn't have to go to work tomorrow)!!!!!

Hope you all have a good one!



TXDidi said...

Always fun to read the blog of a fellow bookworm. Isn't it great when we get paid to recycle books? BTW, loved your post about SCC. You so perfectly captured the pain we feel when we lose a loved one but the joy we have knowing where they are going. I'll be looking for his new album. I always enjoy his work.

Sky said...

BIG congrats on one more exam down. I am so proud of you!
Can't wait for SCC new album. It's gonna be a heart jerker, in a good way.

Barbara H. said...

Congratulations on getting closer to your degree!

I have always wanted to go to a Renaissance Fair. I don't know if or when they have them around here.

I meet need to find one of those places where you can trade in books. After I pass them around, I give them to Salvation Army, but I wonder if anyone finds them there.

I have mixed emotions about Redeeming Love. I'll be interested to hear what you think of it.

Lisa notes... said...

Good for you in getting closer to getting your history degree! I've had "Redeeming Love" on my reading list for a long time. How great that you made such a bundle with your used books. It's always a good day when Daddy doesn't have to go to work, I agree. I'm listening to the praise song right now - can't help but smile!)

Unknown said...

Redeeming Love is so very good! Enjoy! Have a nice weekend

Annette W. said...

You won't regret Redeeming Love!

Amy @ Hope Is the Word said...

I hope you like Redeeming Love! I'll admit, some of it made me a tad uncomfortable, but then, so does the Bible. (Not that I'm trying to elevate this fictional account of Hosea to inspired status, but you know what I mean. . .) Still, Francine Rivers is one of my FAVORITE authors!

I even talked Steady Eddie into reading this one! (Shh. . .don't tell anybody that he read a love story!)

Susanne said...

Yipee for the weekend. I am also glad it is here. Congrats on getting one more exam out of the way! The renaissance faire looks like lots of fun. My kids would love jousting. I loved Redeeming Love!

Brenda said...

I like Francine Rivers a lot too. Have a great weekend!

Unknown said...

I read Redeeming Love last week and really enjoyed it.

I also enjoy your blog and have it on my blog roll.

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