Tuesday, December 08, 2009

And the winners are...

I have to say that one of the hardest things about contests around these parts is that most of you are very loyal and faithful commenters. I also follow many of your blogs and have gotten to know you, especially over the course of this year. When I host contests, only having one prize to offer almost kills me! But I don't think I could talk a publisher into giving me more than a few copies of each book away! Generous they are, but we must be reasonable (and grateful). It is a good thing there are places like on the web to help select winners or else I would SO be up a creek!

With that introduction....

I love it that Barbara H. won the contest for The Christmas Secret. CONGRATULATIONS, Barbara. From what I've seen show up on your blog, I think you really will enjoy this read very much so I'm excited to have it sent your direction. Merry Christmas to you!

And then *drum roll please* .... the winner of The Sound of Music giveaway is tmu who I know personally, and who kindly follows my LIFE and my blog and who has yet to win anything from around here. I'm pleased to announce her a winner of a Reading to Know contest. Congrats, tmu, and thanks for your support in, well, everything!

As for the rest of you . . . stay tuned! I have a couple more giveaways to run this month consisting of books that I really think are worth some of your time and attention.

Thank you for following, subscribing and for leaving comments (esp. on non-giveaway posts!). Thank you for reading what I have to say and for reading books period. Truthfully, it is because I've started to KNOW you that I love hosting contests. I like to share what I read with friends and so when I come across a book I really love, I'm more interested in giving it away. That's the truth of it. If I didn't know you all very well, I wouldn't really bother. So thanks for taking the time to respond to what you've seen around here, and for sharing your lives on your own blogs and through e-mails. It makes it all so much more fun!

Merry Christmas!


tmu said...

Thank you!! i never win anything, so this is a treat!

i know that i will enjoy this, and so will the other two other females in my life ... eventually.


Barbara H. said...

How exciting! Thanks so much!

I know exactly what you mean about hosting contests. I love them but wish I could send something to everyone, especially loyal regular readers and commenters.

Shawntele said...

Congratulations to tmu and Barbara!!!

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