Friday, December 04, 2009

Friday Fave Five

Suzanne at Living to Tell the Story hosts this carnival every Friday for people to list their five favorite things for the week.

This week I'm feeling rather skippy (is that even a proper adjective?) for a variety of reasons which span the gamut of good things to be grateful/thankful/hopeful/peaceful for and about. And I'm in a mood (and therefore apt to talk about things I normally wouldn't). So bear with me! What is to follow is a right regular smorgasbord of things I'm thankful for:

#1 - Ok, I never talk politics around here (on purpose). You simply won't see it because I think that putting politics in the way of relationships is a bad move. I definitely have my preferences and my firm convictions, but I have a few friends that stand on the opposite side of "the line" and it's not worth (usually) going into particulars and who said what, when, and who wants to change the world in what way.

That disclaimer aside, I've been snickering into my sleeve the past week because of the question that has been floating around cyber space: HAVE scientists been honest about global warming? Even CNN has the article posted under their "politics" banner and not the "weather" which should indicate something to someone (somewhere...just sayin').

I've stated my beliefs about "Going Green" before. And my opinion has remained unchanged. As a stickler for honesty in reporting, and having a family friend (a climatologist) being rather ruthlessly condemned (viciously so) for questioning global warming....I smile.

* Ok, ok, Carrie stops talking politics. You're safe now. It just feels like the vindication of a friend - which is definitely something I'm grateful for!*

#2 - On a totally different track there's THIS pretty sterling silver locket from Emma Parker & Co, reasonably priced ($25):

Or this one (I like it too, uh, very much!):

(I'm not much of a jewelry fan. At all, really. But lockets make me feel all Anne of Green Gables-ish.)

#3 - An a totally different (quite literally) note...there's this song:

Bookworm1 has been watching this video on Youtube, laughing and working on memorizing it (just great, huh?) this week. It's kinda funny. But by January I'm sure I'll be ready for something else. So much for the sacred!

#4 - This book:

I wrote a review of The Christmas Secret (which you can go read if you'd like) in which I stated how perfect it was for the season which we are entering into. I LOVED it! If you are looking for a good Christmas read, I recommend that one! ***The publisher has generously offered to give away a copy since I published the review initially so if you leave a comment on that post, I'll enter you into the contest!***

#5 - IT'S BACK! But this time it's being hosted by Nesting Place:

Christmas Tour of Homes with The Nester

My calendar IS marked and I'm wild with anticipation! Jennifer got me engaged with this last Christmas and it was so fun that I'm looking forward to touring again this year. Won't you join in? To find out more about the Christmas Tour of Homes, CLICK HERE. And then spend some time browsing Nesting Place which has to be the most awesome home decor blog I've ever seen, full of great tips for decorating your own home this Christmas season. Awesome stop!

In the meantime, enjoy your weekend!



Lisa Spence said...

Love the Nester's site!

Those lockets? Gorgeous! Maybe I'll ask for one for Christmas so I too can feel all Anne-with-an-e-ish!

Totally putting my name in the hat for the Christmas novel since I have NOTHING to read--horrors!

Love your list and love your skippy mood!

ellen b. said...

Hi Carrie! Hope someone who has you on their list reads your blog and buys you one of the lockets :0) Very pretty.
We're feeling yippee skippy around our house right now...
Love your thoughts on staying un-political. I rant out loud but not on my blog (generally) and not within earshot of some good friends on the other side of my point of view. :0)

Lisa notes... said...

Those lockets are very pretty. Are you getting one for Christmas???
The hippo song is cute. But I'd rather have the locket than the hippo under the tree. :-)

Barbara H. said...

I love lockets, even though I never put any tiny little pictures in them.

I had heard about the hippopotamus song but had never heard it before. I don't think I could stand too many repetitions. :-)

I did the Christmas Tour of Homes a couple of years, but since it is pretty much the same every year, I wasn't too excited about reposting it after a while.

Stephanie Kay said...

Those lockets are beautiful!!! I'm very tempted. :) You've almost convinced me to join in the Tour of Homes.

Anonymous said...

If I was going to decorate and put lights up I would do the tour of homes...but kids, too old and too mean ROFLMAO!!! I loved the Hippopotamus for Christmas. Well done. Have a great weekend ahead and thanks for stopping by my playground :)

Islandsparrow said...

I sort of snickered when I read that news about Global Warming.

I have a locket just like that one - given to me by my dh around 20 years ago. It has a picture of my 5 in it - a very tiny picture!

Hazel said...

CNN has the global warming talk under politics? Oh.... But never mind that. I love your feature of the locket. I'm a fan of Anne Shirley of Green Gables you see :)

I'll go read your review of The Christmas Secret after breakfast. Have a happy weekend.

Marg said...

I can't get that Hippo song out of my mind. I think we all have our opinions on Global Warming, however the media loves the attention....
Sounds like a good read...
Have a wonderful skippy weekend.

RA said...

I hope you'll have a wonderful holiday. I'm so with you on no.1, and my children love the hippo songs! Have a great weekend :)

Jenna said...

Those lockets are stunning!

Susanne said...

Gorgeous lockets. I would love either of them.

The whole green issue really is more politics than anything else. In my city we are charged a recycling charge on our city taxes but have to take our recycling to bins located at various spots. We keep a big bin on our back deck for the recycling and take it in once a week.

plb8156 said...

Please enter me in the giveaway for this book - I would so love to read it :)

nikkipolani said...

I'm with you on the climate science. Even if the issue were set aside, the methodology in the science involved seems deeply flawed, as recently revealed. Thank you for posting about that.

Karen said...

Those lockets really are pretty! They do look Anne of Green Gables-ish. Love Anne! :) Have a great weekend, Karen

Kari said...

Those lockets are great and I love the song. Very funny.

ps. my header is from the cutest blog on the blog. they have some great and free stuff.

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