Saturday, December 19, 2009

Laughing at Myself

(Groaning is more like it.)

Good heavens! I just went back and read some of my first posts. I'm half tempted to delete them! (I did reword a few things.)

Time and distance offers so much perspective.

No doubt five years from now I'll look back on 2009 and wonder what on earth I was thinking when I typed __________.

*I shudder to think.*


Lynn said...

I never could keep a journal for that reason. I'd end up ripping out all of the pages a month, or year, later. Sad, but true! Not sure how blogging will hold up to that, but so far, I haven't been drawn to look back at my earlier entries. It will happen at some point, though, I'm sure.

Stephanie Kay said...

Just think of how far you've come. :)

tmu said...

No, no, don't delete or alter it! That was YOU then, and it is an important part of your life. Why would you want to do away with it? That would be like doing away with your childhood diaries.

Consider Anne of GG: when she was young, she thought and acted as in accordance with her age. As she grew, her thinking matured. And as the reader of this wonderful novels, we laughed and cried and learned thru what she experienced. Would you have had Montgomery just delete the youthful Anne because she was wiser / different/ altered when she was grown up?

(now, please understand -- i am not implying you were merely a callow youth in the earliest blogs; the analogy only stretches so far.)

these are part of your history. Like reading anyone's diary -- what would the world of literature be without the famous diaries of yore?

please reconsider!

Carrie said...

I did away with my childhood diaries too. =) Mostly because they were found and read and without actually giving permission it's a somewhat painful experience.

The blog I obviously HAVE given permission for people to read. And don't worry - I didn't actually delete any total. ;D I just deleted a couple of paragraphs which were....really bothering me! ;D

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