Thursday, January 07, 2010

Booking Through Thursday

Today's Booking Through Thursday looked fun so I'll jump in!

This week's Booking Through Thursday asks the following question:

What books did you get for Christmas (or whichever holiday you may have celebrated last month)?

Do you usually ask for books on gift-giving occasions or do you prefer to buy them yourself?

This year I received a shocking low quantity of three books for Christmas. I don't think that I've ever received less than 5. But apparently I'm becoming harder to shop for in the book department. ;D I do LOVE receiving books, but I admit that it's hard to know what I have and have not read (or own) and might like. The books I DID receive were fabulous and post-Christmas I, well, gifted myself with some titles that I was looking forward to. (I do a really good job gifting myself with books. Are you surprise? Not? What?)

These are the books I did receive:

I can't wait to pounce upon An Experiment in Criticism but in the meantime, this week I've been getting ready for this:


And the above mentioned carnival is what I've been gifting myself for. Ready for it? It starts next Tuesday....(or, in my case, it starts Monday)!


Brooke from The Bluestocking Guide said...

I picked my own books. Usually I haven't been asking for books though.

Here is mine

Barbara H. said...

I had not heard of this book by Lewis. Sounds intriguing!

That's one reason I do lists - it would be hard for my family to know what I have or haven't read or want to read.

Jennifer said...

I have never heard of that CS Lewis book, I shall be checking into it.

Susan said...

I love getting books as gifts, and usually have a list to give people for special occasions :)

I was a very lucky girl this Christmas! Here is my BTT response.

Stephanie said...

I'll be ready to hear what you think of the Sarah Clarkson book!

Elisabeth said...

An Experiment in Criticism is extremely excellent. I hadn't heard of it until my (at the time, future)brother-in-law informed me that I could not read another book until I had finished it.

And as for book gift giving - Silas ALWAYS buys books for any gift he needs to give. He gave me three for Christmas. My parents gave me amazon gift cards for Christmas too - so it's bee a good year for books at the Sniders.

Anonymous said...


I am loving the Comment Challenge 2010. I'm finding so many wonderful new blogs to read. I'm adding you to my follow list.
Your blog is a bounty of book information!

Heidenkind said...

CS Lewis is generally pretty good, even though I've only read the Narnia books.

Stephanie Kay said...

I read that Lewis book in college for a program I was in. It isn't your usual Lewis-on-Christianity. It's much more academic in nature. As I recall, my prof was not impressed with my review of the book. ;)

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