Thursday, March 25, 2010

Winners and Grateful Thanks

Congratulations go to the following two ladies who won a copy of Oceans: The Ultimate Guide to Marine Life :

#14 - Amy @ The Black Sheep Dances

#17 - Pixie13

I'll be e-mailing you both shortly, so check your inboxes!

The two winners of What Did You Expect? by Paul David Tripp are:

#2 - Stephanie @ Olive Tree

#20 - Serena

For those of you who did not win a copy of this title, I'll take a moment to remind you that this is like a must read if you are married. Seriously! You can still take advantage of the Pre-Order Special which Crossway Books is currently offering.

This book is most excellent and since I can't recommend it more highly, I'll leave it at congratulations to the two winners and hope the rest of you will look into it! If I could - I'd give each one of you a copy (because it's that's good) but right now I'm just grateful to Crossway for the two which are going to Stephanie & Serena.

Both of these publishers have been incredibly generous, wouldn't you say?

Thank you all for entering the contests. It's fun to host them and I enjoy doing it because I recognize that the gift of a book is a blessing. I hope you enjoy them also. Honestly, I take great delight in finding titles that I think are superb and providing a forum for you to also add them to your home library. For me this is just delightful fun. So I appreciate your enthusiasm and participation. Stay tuned because I have some more fun surprises coming up around the corner which I am over the moon excited about!

*Carrie rubs hands together and cackles maniacally*

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