Thursday, August 19, 2010

Friday Five Favs

It's been a little while since I've participated in the Friday Five Favs. It was a little thing called "summer" and "wedding season" and life got a little overly busy. I know everyone has been experiencing summer busyness but now that we're near (gasp) fall things are slowing down and we are starting to relax around these parts again.

So, here I am! Back for the FFF!

I wish I had some personal pictures this week but we're getting caught up with a great deal of photo editing of late. Pictures will come later. (*updated with one photo)

#1 - I am grateful for a one-week getaway with my husband. That's right! A friend made it possible to hightail it out of town. But not anywhere local. Nope, we were allowed to travel all the way across the country to Washington D.C.! We got back this past weekend and hit the ground running again but a week away was such a treat!

#2 - I am grateful that our children missed us and were happy to see us upon our return. (That's nice because we missed them and were, likewise, happy to see them!) I asked Bookworm1 who he most enjoyed being with while we were gone and he replied, "Well. I really like being with YOU!"

So, of course, he scored lots of brownie points with mommy. Bookworm2 scored points by showing us his dimples for a good long while when he saw us back at home.

#3 - While in D.C. I got to see a former roommate of mine and I got to meet her husband and her adorable little baby! THAT was SO COOL! We even got to do a bridal shoot with her and you can see those pictures HERE if you like.

#4 - I "met" Winston Churchill. What's that? Come back next week. I'll have a picture by then, I'm pretty sure. Let's just say it was exciting. ;)

#5 - My best friend from law school GOT MARRIED (which is what prompted the whole trip in the first place!) She married an AWESOME guy who we really like. So now we not only have an adopted aunt, but she's given us an adopted uncle and it's all smiles around these parts! I was so happy to be able to witness her joy as she married the man she has fallen in love with. It was just a fantastic ceremony and they were surrounded by such happy friends and family. Joy, joy, joy -- all around!

I could say a million wonderful things about the trip - and I WILL say more in the future. But for now, it is so good to be home because this is exactly where we belong - with two little boys who want and need us and give us dimpled smiles. What could be better than being home? It's nice to get away sometimes, if only to remember this.

But I have to close in song and I'm going to go slightly off topic. I read Mary Beth Chapman's Choosing to SEE this past week (click on the title to read my review) and I didn't realize that their son, Caleb Chapman, has started his own band with brother Will & some friends. So I checked out his sound and came across this song which I adore. Bookworm2 also really likes it. He's watched the video with me more than once and we "drum" together while listening. It's kinda loud - but the message? Spot on. Enjoy!

Happy Weekend everyone!



Willow said...

Welcome back to FFF, Carrie; I've sort of been out of the loop a lot this summer too, so it's good to be back. Hurray for your vacation adn hurray for coming home again too!

Cindy said...

With the summer so busy for most it is not hard to get out of the loop.

It is always nice to know when the children really do miss us.

This was a beautiful shot of your friend. Glad you got the one hour before wake up read in. I can remember those golden moments.

Melissa said...

Sounds like a great trip!

The Chapmans--Steven, Mary Beth, and their sons' band--are doing a show in NYC in September. I imagine that they're going to talk about the great loss they've been through; the ad for the show says that no one under the age of 16(?) is allowed.

Have a blessed weekend!

Amy @ Hope Is the Word said...

Can't wait to see pics of your DC trip!!!!!!!!!! (Especially if any of them are of Abe! ;-) )

monica @ paperbridges said...

good for you being able to get away. we moms need that on occasion.

Hazel said...

I find bridal shoots are always fun. Yay to your getaway, and it's one week! Happy Friday.

Brenda said...

How nice to get away with your husband!

I love that bridal gown picture, so beautiful. Weddings are such wonderful events to be a part of.

Barbara H. said...

Those photos are gorgeous! Photos, dress, bride, and location!

It's fun to get away but I am usually ready by the end of time away to get back into the normal routine, refreshed. Sounds like you and your family are, too,

elizabeth said...

That bridal dress is GORGEOUS! And good for you two getting away for a week. It's nice to be refreshed and look forward to our lives when vacation time is over.

TXDidi said...

Beautiful photography. What a gorgeous wedding gown. There's so much to see and do in Washington, DC. Sounds like you had a great trip and it also sounds like you got a big welcome home from your guys.

Janet said...

DC is one of my FAVORITE places to go, and it sounds like everything about your trip (including coming home) was truly wonderful.

Jerralea said...

Every parent needs a little trip away from the kids. Both the kids and the parents are then so excited to be back together! Your Bookworm saying he likes to do stuff with you was a priceless moment!

I love your friend's wedding dress!

Gattina said...

Apparently you spent a very nice week. From time to time it's good being without kids, you appreciate more when you are coming back !

ellen b. said...

Welcome back Carrie!
Glad you were able to get away and celebrate with your friend. What a beautiful photograph! I always love coming home. I can only imagine what it will be like when we finally make it to our final home.

Sherrie said...

I've always wanted to visit Washington,D.C. Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Have a great day!

Food for Thought

Susanne said...

A getaway with just the hubby. How wonderful. But also wonderful to be back with the kiddos.

Stephanie Kay said...

Glad you had such a fun time in DC. We loved it earlier this year and hope to go back sooner rather than later.

The pictures are amazing! Can you take my picture please?! Whadya say? South Texas in 2011? :)

Faith said...

great FFF list and awesome pics!
yay for weeks away with husband....and yay for children who welcome parents back :)
Enjoy the start of the new week....I'm getting caught up this a.m. on all the FFF due to a rainy day here in NY

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