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The Chronicles of Narnia Reading Challenge 2012 :: What YOU Read

Chronicles of Narnia Reading Challenge

Several of you did good this year. =D I think I enjoyed this Chronicles of Narnia Reading Challenge more this year than last. In part, because my oldest is finally old enough to share Narnia with. Also, I gave myself pretty much the entire month to focus solely on Narnia. Admittedly, it was hard to leave it. I want to go back already! Pacing myself with other reads in the meantime.

As promised - to make it easier for you to browse other people's posts - I'm providing everyone's links right here. Have fun browsing and learning!

1. Barbara H. from Stray Thoughts jumped into Narnia with both feet and wrote up a plethora of posts, all of which are worth reading in my opinion:

Nice work, Barbara! You win my non-existent award for putting the most thought into everything this year, I think!

2. Amy at Hope is in the Word is always fun to have along on this ride.

This year she read The Voyage of the Dawn Treader with her girls.
She also read The Narnian (which I have sitting on my bookshelf awaiting my attention.)
Here is her wrap-up post.

3. Jennifer at Blogful of Books read The Silver Chair. It's been awhile since I've read that one. Next year!

4. Jennifer @ Snapshot started reading The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe with her son. Not sure how far they got but they at least had a great beginning. (Hint to can tell me about it later! ;)

5. Bluerose's Heart wins the Made-Carrie-Oh-So-Very-Happy award by using this challenge to leap into Narnia FOR THE FIRST TIME! (Not to point you out there or anything!) Furthermore, she got others reading it. That just makes me satisfied, that's what!

So glad you played along with me last month!

6. I know I can always count on Bekahcubed to make me think more deeply about this series. She didn't disappoint this year either.

She spent the bulk of her time in The Horse and His Boy. I'm glad of that because that one is one of my lesser favorites but I think that's because I haven't devoted enough attention to it. Clearly.

7. Narnia-Girl from Lantern Waste also wrote about The Horse and His Boy. She also provided the guest post here discussing her Narnia VBS creations. (If you missed that, click the last link! Amazingly creative and fun ideas with Legos!)

8. Annette at Live, Learn, Love wrote a post about A Book of Narnians (which I promptly turned around and ordered a used copy off of Amazon after reading about!) and shared her experiences listening to The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe with her daughter.

9. My own posts are as follows:

I hope you had as good a time in Narnia as I did this summer. If you wrote a post and I failed to find it/see it, please leave your link below. In the meantime, enjoy visiting around and seeing what else you can learn as you continue to dig a little deeper into this classic (and brilliant!!) series by C.S. Lewis.


Annette W. said...

Yay! What fun to go exploring now...

I really thought you had about 20 posts in July for Narnia!

Barbara H. said...

I so enjoyed this visit back to Narnia and am looking forward to next year's!

Bluerose said...

Ha! :) I'm assuming you're refering to my "back corner" comment at my blog. As long as noone is actually looking at me, I'm good. ;)

I'm bookmarking this post! I've skipped over some of them since I haven't read all the books yet.

Unknown said...

We didn't quite finish ours! We were doing so well, and quite enjoying it (I too enjoyed sharing it with my child for the first time), but then we were out of town for 20 out of 27 days or so at the end of July/beginning of August. However, we WILL finish, and we picked it up because we've enjoyed the movies and because of you, so I'm glad.

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