Friday, September 23, 2011

Golden Aspen

"Anne thought those Friday evening gypsyings over the autumnal hills in the crisp golden air, with the homelights of Avonlea twinkling beyond, where the best and dearest hours in the whole week." ~ Anne of Green Gables

I was delighted when I saw these new Golden Aspens Note Cards from Peter Pauper Press. Of course, they make me think of nothing else than Anne and the Island. I can hear the tress rustling when I look at them and I can smell the autumn air. (Ok, maybe I can smell a hint of autumn air right here in Oregon.)

I love the trees.

"But everything in the landscape around them spoke of autumn." ~ Anne of Green Gables

The note cards are perfect for me this fall. I've checked out a few Peter Pauper Press designs but these are my favorites (thus far.) I like these cards, particularly, because they feel more like cardstock and are not made with the glossy paper. (I like using ink gel pens when I write and the glossy cards smear the ink.) These new Golden Aspen cards suit me.

They just breathe beauty.

"September slipped by into a gold and crimson graciousness of October." ~ Anne of Green Gables

And to record one's (more) beautiful thoughts? There is also a Golden Aspens Journal. This particular journal has a magnetic fold-over clasp that keeps it closed. The picture of the aspen trees wrap all the way around the journal so that your eyes never fail to be dazzled and your sighs never cease. (Maybe I shouldn't move to the Island. I'll start over describing everything like Montgomery tends to do. But then, that's her charm, is it not? There should probably be only one Montgomery...)

". . . the mellow autumn sunshine lingered warmly..." ~ Anne of Green Gables

I'm in love with this design.

"They all sat down in the little pavilion to watch an autumn sunset of deep red fire and pallid gold."

Ready for fall and fall greetings.

Thank you, Peter Pauper Press, for your generosity in sending these note cards and journal my way to revel in.


Annette W. said...

We certainly have similar tastes!! :) They are lovely! And I still love PPP's Queen Anne's Lace notecards, too!

Sky said...

Those are very Anne-esque! I do Love PPP.
I am waiting with arms wide open for our first hint of fall here.... my arms are getting tired, but I know it will come!

Krista said...

There's a gallery in Jackson Hole and dang, I can't remember the photographer, but he has some amazing shots of nature in the Tetons and Yellowstone (and of course all over the world) and this totally reminded me of that. I used to love to go there on my days off and just drool... :)
I have a poster of aspens from there (because that was all I could afford at the time!).

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