Monday, September 26, 2011

Top Ten TV Shows I've Enjoyed Through the Years

Following Bluerose's Heart's lead here again after reading her post (some time back) on her top ten television shows.

Why am I sharing this on a book blog? Because the things you watch can influence you just as much as the things you read and have an impact on your worldview. (That's why we're supposed to be so careful about what we read and watch, understanding that media of any sort has it's effect! Good and bad.) I'll share my top ten favorite shows over the years to help you to get to know me a bit better as well. heh.

(Plus, let's just confess it now, shall we? It's Monday. Fluffy Monday.)


1. The Practice

I used to watch this when I worked in the District Attorney's office. Loved it. But I didn't watch the entire series as it started creeping me out a bit. The last episode I watched was a cliff hanger one where one of the attorney's was being stalked by a madman. At the time I was working on a gang case and had been followed through a parking lot so it was kinda...freaky. Stopped watching. (But it was a really fascinating show there for awhile!)

2. Matlock

Attorney Andy Griffith? ;D Yes, please! I thought this show was fun.

Just like this one...

#3 - Murder, She Wrote

Apparently when I want to relax in front of the television I like a good mystery. And Angela Lansbury never failed to deliver!

#4 - Rumpole of the Bailey

Rumpole is an awesome older series produced by A&E Home Video and starring Leo McKern as the British Barrister, Rumpole. This show is based on a series of books by John Mortimer of the same title. (The books are fun as well.) I was introduced to this series by, um, an attorney I used to work for...

#5 - Monk

Have you not seen Monk? The OCD police detective, constantly solving murder mysteries? Part comedy, part crime - this series really is quite awesome.

Are you sensing a theme in what I like to watch?!

#6 - Suits

This is a new show. So new that Season 1 is just airing. A friend told us about this one and we started watching it while waiting for the next season of Castle to start. It's about a cocky attorney and a criminal who work in a law firm together. The pilot episode exaggerated the characters but we know that tends to happen. We've been watching a few more episodes and so far we're liking it ok. I hate to say it's filler. Maybe we'll end up really liking it. But right now it's filler. Not bad, but still being tested out. (The attorney angle is appealing. Like I need to spell that out or something.)

#7 - Road to Avonlea

On this post, Road to Avonlea looks like "Which One of These Doesn't Belong?" If you haven't seen this series (loosely based on Lucy Maud Montgomery's Chronicles of Avonlea and Further Chronicles of Avonlea) then I highly recommend it. Yes, even though it is loosely based. I think Sullivan did a marvelous job on this production and I own the whole series and watch them whenever opportunities present themselves. I'm thinkin' I'm going to explore the Avonlea during the next Lucy Maud Montgomery Reading Challenge (which is coming up in January!) Stay tuned for more details on THAT as the year winds down.

#8 - While we're off the main theme for television shows on this post, I might as well list The Brady Bunch.

Guilty pleasures. I watched every single episode (on syndication!) growing up and loved it. I haven't seen this show in a very long time and would be interested to watch it through again before my daughter Comes of Age to be introduced. We'll just see. Maybe I'd be horrified by it in watching again, I don't know.

But now we're down to our favorite two shows at the present moment.

#9 - White Collar

This show is awesome from a story-telling perspective. Each episode takes you down twists and turns with FBI agent Peter Burke and ex-con Neal Caffrey. You can't jump into this show mid-way. If you are going to watch it, watch it right. Start at episode one, season one and go from there. Cliff hangers all over the place. Right now we're dangling mid season and it's fingernails on a chalkboard irritating and wonderful at the same time. This is Jonathan's hands down favorite show. (The characters really are awesome. The dialogue is awesome. The plot twists are awesome. Awesome, awesome, awesome.)

#10 - Castle

I can hardly sit still while talking about this one. It's our other current (as in, on tv right now) favorite. We don't have cable so we watch this show (and White Collar) on Hulu so we only view episodes after they've already aired. If you get to watch this show "live" do NOT tell me what's happening on it. Follow Rick Castle, a crime novelist, as he follows NYPD's Detective Kate Beckett around the city, solving murders.

I confess I hesitated before we started watching this one. The first season shows some pretty gruesome crime scenes. However, the show's creators ease off after season one and you aren't looking at such hideous scenes nowadays. (I never looked in the first place. But I had to keep my head turned away from the screen for a longer period of time per show in Season One.) Now it's about the dialogue, the mystery, the romance, the adventure and - again - the plot twists and turns! Love it, love it. (Not as much of a continual story as White Collar so you can jump in at any time but you get the bigger picture if you watch it straight through.)

I like watching television series like I like reading books - straight through the series and in order.

Anyway, here's my list of 10 shows. If you want to play along, feel free. Let me know and I'll come read your post and see what entertains, influences and interests you! (Or simply leave a comment below listing some of your favorite series.)


Annette W. said...

Definitely need to explore some.

Monk (own)
Psych (own)
NCIS (watching MIL's DVDs in order)
Cosby from childhood, but still clean too. Don't watch often though.

I like fluffy Mondays. How about movies next?

Sky said...

Cosby Show
Dark Angel
The A-Team
Hawaii 5-O (Old and New)
Black Books
Murder, She Wrote

Bluerose said...

Matlock and The Brady Bunch are the only ones I've seen on your list. There were a few that I've never heard of. I get so easily scared at what I watch that I usually go for light and fluffy. ;)

It's so hard picking 10. I think I ended up listing 13, and I've thought of a few more that I'd forgotten about since then.

I agree with Annette on your movie list. I'd love to see your top 10 movies. I've had that post halfway done for months now. Maybe it'll go up soon. :P

CityKitty said...
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CityKitty said...

I Love Lucy
Saved by the Bell
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
The Cosby Show
Beverly Hills 90210 (the old series)
White Collar
The Mentalist

Barbara H. said...

I love White Collar and Castle, too. Though I have to confess I only saw one episode of White Collar their last season -- I've got the rest on tape. It was one we all used to watch as a family, but my oldest (who still keeps up with it and decrees it the best TV show of all time) moved away and everyone else seemed to drift out of interest. Last season it was on opposite something else we watched, so I taped it and have been waiting to catch up.

I saw one or two of the Avonlea series at a friend's house. We didn't get the station it was on. I'd love to see the rest of it.

We saw a few episodes of Monk but never watched it regularly. But I caught enough to appreciate the ending and nearly cry with him when he watched the final tape his wife made.

Watched the Brady Bunch when it was first on. Don't know what I'd think of it now.

As for what's on now, besides Castle and White Collar, we really like The Sing-Off, The Amazing Race, Biggest Loser, NCIs, and a new series called person of Interest. I just started watching The Mentalist this summer and really liked it until the main character killed someone in the season finale (and felt justified for the sake of vengeance) and then misled a jury in the season opener so he could get out of jail to track down the main guy he's been after all this time.

I agree with what someone ,mentioned above about Cosby -- one of my all-time favorite shows.

Andrew Wiggins said...

Just wanted to say that we are watching Brady Bunch as a family (our girls are 5, 6 and 7). The girls LOVE it! There are a couple episodes we've skipped and some issues that we've had to talk about while viewing. Overall, it's wholesome and fun. It's been fun to re-live the series through their eyes!

Shonya said...

What about Alias??? And The Unit???? :) My hubby and I were addicted to the first couple years of the Practice, which made me think of our other two we got hooked on. :)

We haven't watched much tv lately (obviously, hmmm?) but I'm feeling tempted to pick up some used seasons of some of these you've mentioned now. Sounds great for these upcoming winter nights.

Oh, speaking of tv and winter nights, how about Into the West?? There's another fun one!

Marks of Faith said...

From Christopher: I am shocked 'Star Trek: Next Generation' did not make this list. All of your STNG action figures are calling out from their plastic cases saying, "Why did you betray us Carrie?"

BerlinerinPoet said...

Right with you on #2,#3, and #5! I don't watch a ton of television shows because I tend to get a little compulsive about it and ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO WATCH THE WHOLE THING FROM START TO FINISH. Hmmm, maybe there's more to my love of Monk than just the great story.

Carrie said...

Shonya - I think we tried an episode or two of Alias somewhere down the line but didn't connect.

Ohhhh yes. I DO love the Cosby Show. And I think since my brother went and mentioned it, I should write up a separate post entirely about Star Trek. ;D heh heh heh

Krista said...

I definitely sense a theme! ;) The only one of the drama ones I've seen is Monk and it was interesting. I've seen one or two episodes of Lie to Me also, which I thought was fascinating.
But seeing as we don't have cable at all... and I grew up without TV... I am either reading a book (which I really don't do enough of anymore) or reading online. :)

Stephanie Kay said...

I've seen most of these but generally as a casual viewer. We've watched a few episodes of White Collar via Hulu and I can see how it would be easier to understand if I watched from the beginning. Castle is a favorite here. We also watch via Hulu and usually save it for Friday nights after the kids are in bed. Then we watch Castle, Bones, Chuck, Warehouse 13, and a few other shows. We tend to like legal/crime dramas as well as comedies and mild sci-fi. Oh! I almost forgot about Fringe. That's another one that has improved with time. Not so creepy and gross as the beginning since they've focused more on the stories of the characters.

As for Castle, have you watched the season premiere?! How can she treat Castle like that?! Grrr...

Carrie said...

Stephanie - Up to date on Castle around these parts now that we're back from vacation. ;D

Have to keep the suspense of the relationship alive!!!

Jennifer said...

I LOVE RUMPOLE! Hello there. I'm Jennifer, and I found you through the Maud Hart Lovelace challenge. I am so sad that I didn't know about your blog in time to join you for the L.M. Montgomery challenge, one of my all-time favorite authors. I will definitely be here for it if you have it again in 2012! Come visit me at The Beauty of Eclecticism.

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