Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What We're Watching : Part I

Sometimes I think it's fun to hear about what other people are watching because just like the books you read, the shows you watch say something about who you are. I don't know how much I like admitting that right before My Great Confession as to what we are engaging with but I'll admit to it all the same. For better or for worse, I'll be sharing what some of our top picks are at the moment. All of these titles will be linked to the Wikipedia page in case you have an interest in learning more about them.

#1 - Once Upon a Time

We started watching this when we were in temp housing and didn't have a whole lot to do. Now we watch it, regardless of whether or not we have anything else to do. This show was created by the same people who made the television show LOST. (We've never seen LOST and have no intention of being drug into that drama.) We will, however, thoroughly enjoy Once Upon a Time.

The basic story plot which this show revolves around is the story of Snow White. "Snow", as she is called on the show, is in a war not of her choosing with the Evil Queen. The Queen has sent all fairy tale characters "to a world without magic" - our own world in this present moment - where happily ever afters are sure not to happen.

There was an enchanted forest filled with all the classic characters we know.

Or think we know.

One day they found themselves trapped in a place where all their happy endings were stolen.

Our World.

This is how it happened...

I can't really tell you much about the show without giving away a whole host of spoilers, which I really ought not do. If you think you might want to watch this show, start at the very beginning and watch all episodes in order. (The pilot is available on hulu.)

We love Once Upon a Time because of its remarkable story telling. Every episode is exciting, raising questions about who is who and what and where and why. Every episode also answers questions so you aren't left completely hanging until the end of the season. The story telling is so tight and perfect (in our opinion) that we can't think of how they would drag this show out between two or three seasons max. (I really hope they keep it short and sweet.)

Conservative note: the only caution I have to offer is that in the first few episodes the main character, Emma, needs some help with her wardrobe. Her shirt is very see-through which is ridiculous. There is also one "scene" within the first few episodes. After that, the producers seemed to have worked it out of their system. Emma's wardrobe ceases to be disturbing and now we're just in for the story. (I wouldn't mind if the blue fairy weren't so revealing at times though. Thankfully most of the time she's fairy sized but I dislike the close-ups.)

Favorite character? I'm kinda thinking Rumpelstiltskin.

I took this totally pointless quiz to find out which Once Upon a Time character I was. My result was Jiminy Cricket. "You always end up doing the right thing because of your conscience and you are honest." ;)

Love the story telling, love the familiarity and fresh new look at old characters and the various truths sprinkled throughout. (I'm not interested in making a mountain out of a molehill when it comes to this show's morals. The truth is - they haven't got any. However, so far there is a clear distinction between good and evil and it allows one to cheer on the good guys and root out the bad ones!)

Emma: How is a book supposed to help?
Mary: What do you think stories are for? These stories are classics. There's a reason we all know them. They're a way for us to deal with our world. A world that doesn't always make sense.

Here's the trailer:

Note: Jonathan and I have chosen not to have cable in the house because we don't want to have the ability to turn on the tv whenever we're feeling listless or bored. We "watch tv" on our computer - mostly using Hulu to see recent episodes. Usually we watch the episode the day after it airs so if you are in the habit of watching Once Upon a Time and have the ability to see it aired live - do NOT try to talk to me about the episode until a day or two have passed. ;) (I have to exert extreme patience with this show!)


Barbara H. said...

So I take it you haven't seen the season finale yet? I'll just say I wasn't sure if they were going to wrap up the current storyline, and if they did, what in the world they'd do next season, but they managed it all quite nicely.

I'd forgotten about the opening scenes in the pilot, and I hadn't noticed the see-throughness, but I have wished the Blue Fairy was a bit more covered. Otherwise, though, I've appreciated that it has been clean.

I love the story-telling as well.

I got "Emma: Strong, independent, and caring" on the quiz, but the results show my answers reflecting Emma and Jiminy were tied.

Annette W. said... made me more interested. Maybe this summer we'll start at the beginning. Is Hulu free?

Our fav shows are likely NCIS and Monk...even if it is not showing now we have it on DVD. We really enjoyed Lost...till the disappointing end.

I'm curious now about the Great Confession!

Bluerose said...

I have a "What We've Been Watching" post in my drafts right now. Great minds think alike! ;)

I had been DVRing Once Upon a Time, but I still needed the first 3-4 episodes, so I was holding off on watching them. We swapped companies since then, so I lost ALL of them. "sigh" I'll eventually watch it, Lord willing. It sounds like something I would really like AND be able to talk Jonathan into watching, too.

Sherry said...

Yeah, we really like Once Upon a TIme and Rumplestilskin here at Semicolon Home Headquarters, too. I like it that my ten year old can watch and enjoy with me. I like the fractured fairy tales. I like Rumplestilskin's glittery skin for some reason.

Sky said...

I have Once Upon a Time in my list. I didn't catch the first few episodes on Tivo and I do so like to watch a series in order!
I am also intrigued by the Snow White and the Huntsmen trailer, the movie is to come out in June I believe.

Stephanie Kay said...

I LOVE Once Upon A Time!! One of my favorite shows. I love how they take a familiar fairy tale and put a new twist on it. So smart and well written!

I took the quiz. It said I'm Evil Queen/Regina!! Awesome! :D

I liked the beginning of the finale but not a huge fan of the ending. Joel and I feel the same way about stretching this show out. 2 seasons, ok. 3 seasons will be a bit of a stretch. 4 seasons and I'll be done. We were Lost fans for the first 2 seasons but by the 3rd season it felt like they didn't really know where they wanted to take the story and it was just wandering around raising questions with no real answers. I don't like to be strung along so I'm hoping they don't do that this time.

Amy @ Hope Is the Word said...

I haven't watched anything at all since Downton Abbey and hadn't watched anything in the ten years or so before that. However, you've all just about convinced me to check out Once Upon a Time! :-)

B said...

Haven't seen the show and can't decide if I'm interested. But your review has certainly piqued my interest.

I second you on cable. We got it, largely because it was such a cheap deal, but there's honestly nothing on. Flipping among channels is a symptom of this, I suspect.

Queen of Carrots said...

Dying to watch this. Will wait until the library has it on DVD, because that's how we watch everything.

Stephanie said...

This is definitely my favorite show right now as well. : ) Because of T/N1's recent trip I had TWO episodes to watch back-to-back and just finished the season (belatedly on Hulu) with a bag.

Can't wait to see what they do next year. : )

Kristin said...

Well, thanks a lot! I just watched the first episode on Hulu. But most of the other episodes are only on Hulu+. Which means I have to wait until it comes out on DVD and our library gets it! :( Hmm..would it be dumb to sign up for Hulu+ just to watch this one show?! ;-)

BerlinerinPoet said...

Re-told fairy tales can be SO good, and yet, they can also be SO bad. I'm glad this one has been good so far.

Susanne said...

I've been wondering about this show. Looks like I'll be looking it up on the computer too.

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