Thursday, December 06, 2012

5 Minutes for Books (Note for Giveaway)

First of all, HAPPY ST. NICHOLAS DAY! We're all getting over a bout with the Christmas stomach bug (if you attach the word "Christmas" to it, that makes it better, right?) and so I'll take a break from an original review today and highlight some reviews that I've recently written for 5 Minutes for Books. All titles are linked to my review.

First up there was Until We All Come Home. Really, I had so much to say about this one that I seriously considered writing up a second (lengthy) post to share here. But then I thought maybe most of my thoughts were better left unsaid.

This book deals with the topic of international adoption - a topic I care about! However, I found a lot within the book to raise speculations and questions from those who do not favor the idea of a.) adoptions and/or b.) international adoptions, specifically. (Yes, such people do exist.) In retrospect, I'm STILL not sure whether this book is a blessing or a curse but as I say in my official review of it: we need to remember that each person's adoption story is different than any other, just like every birth story is different. Remember that!

The next one is Train Tracks. I didn't even finish this one but I felt so strongly about it that I wrote up a review anyway. And Jennifer graciously let me post my very frightfully honest thoughts. This is a book I believe you will want to avoid.

Author of Guess How Much I Love You is BACK with The Adventures of Little Nutbrown Hare. Now, in this case, you are going to WANT to hightail it over and read my review. Better still you will want to leave a comment there in order to be entered to win one of FOUR COPIES which I have to giveaway. There are a few days left to enter so . . . hop to it! ;)


B said...

Interesting fact -- in the Russian Orthodox calendar (as well as other Slavic Orthodox Churches), St Nicholas Day isn't until December 19th, which is actually December 6th on the Julian calendar.

Kind of confusing. It's about two weeks behind. (This is why Russians don't celebrate Christmas until January 7th).

Barbara H. said...

Ick -- hope the stomach bug goes away soon. To me that's one of the worst things.

I'd forgotten about Train Tracks and had to go back to refresh my memory.

The illustration of the last book looks Beatrix Potterish.

apple blossom said...

thanks for the chance to win

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