Friday, July 31, 2015

Chronicles of Narnia Reading Challenge : CONCLUSION (2015)

Chronicles of Narnia Reading Challenge

I always like the beginning of July because it signifies the start of the Chronicles of Narnia Reading Challenge. I'm always sad at the end of the month because it signifies that my "official" time in Narnia is over. I do realize that I can read Narnia all year long, anytime I want. But for the sake of a thousand other books I want to read, I set aside July as the month to revel in the re-reads.

As usually, I didn't read as much as I'd have like to have done, but we still enjoyed our time in Narnia immensely.

The kids and I re-read both The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe and Prince Caspian. (Both titles are linked to our reviews/thoughts.) Although there was a request to move along to The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, that didn't happen simply because we ran out of time. (We're currently wrapped up in The Secret Garden.)

This is the first year that Bookworm1 read Narnia on his own. He read The Horse and His Boy by himself.

Aside from reading straight up Narnia, I pulled Knowing Aslan, a book about Narnia off my bookshelf and gave it a quick read. I didn't like it and you can't find out the reasons why by clicking over to THIS POST.

I'm really glad to say that on our upcoming trip to England, we have plans to visit The Kilns, C.S. Lewis' home in Oxford. Everyone in our family is super excited about that! Of course, we'll plan to share pictures and our experiences afterward. I suppose in some ways I don't consider our time in Narnia to be completed this year until we visit Lewis' home. (So we still have ample time to get to The Voyage of the Dawn Treader then, correct?)

Now! What about you?

Who read along and what did you read? I'm curious and anxious to know! If you have a blog post to share, now is the time to "link up" by leaving a comment in the comment section below. I'll be off to visit your posts as you share the links.

I hope you did get to spend a little bit of time in Narnia (or with Lewis in some capacity) this past month. I look forward to hearing all about it!

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Ginger Mae said...

I read along, but I didn't read nearly as much as I wanted to. That just means August is ALSO going to be a Narnia month for me. ;) Here are some of the thoughts from what I did read.

Ginger Mae said...

Barbara H. said...

I read The Narnian: The Life and Imagination of C. S. Lewis by Alan Jacobs, with mixed emotions. My thoughts are here:

I can't wait to see and hear about your visit to the Kilns!

Tarissa said...

I got to read 2 Narnia books, both were first-time reads for me! (The Silver Chair & The Horse and His Boy)

Here's my blog post with both reviews:

bekahcubed said...

I've finally got the last of my posts up. I read The Silver Chair and wrote No other Stream, Down from the Mountain, and There is no Land called Narnia as reflections on that book. I also read and reviewed Rowan Williams' The Lion's World.

I too will be glad to hear about your trip to Kilns. How exciting!

Annette Whipple said...

We're still working through The Silver Chair, though we began in June. We've enjoyed it!

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