Monday, August 17, 2015

Visiting Prince Edward Island

Last week I took you through a little tour of Anne's Land on Prince Edward Island. We visited the following places together:

As mentioned, we spent just one day visiting the Anne sites and several others exploring the rest of the Island. If you are curious to read/hear more about that, you can follow us at which is our family travel blog. Here are a few direct links to posts I think you'll find rather interesting if you are at all curious about the Island.

Bonus photos:

Random shoreline along some "shoreline road" in the Eastern side of the Island.

Does anyone recognize this lighthouse? It's the Seacow Head Lighthouse and appeared as "Gus Pike's Lighthouse" in the Road to Avonlea television series.

And I touched it. 

West Point Lighthouse:

Last night sunset walk:

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Barbara H. said...

Such a beautiful area. Glad you got to go!

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