Friday, July 29, 2016

Chronicles of Narnia Reading Challenge (2016) :: Conclusion

Chronicles of Narnia Reading Challenge

Yet again we've reached the end of another Chronicles of Narnia Reading Challenge which I hold each year here at Reading to Know during the month of July. If you missed this go around, fret not! There's always next year and I'll continue hosting until I weary of reading Narnia (i.e., never). There'll always be a second chance for you and yours with this challenge!

If you did read Narnia, or anything about C.S. Lewis, or experienced something related to Narnia and wrote up a blog post about it, now is the time to share it. You can leave a link to your blog post(s) in the comment section below.

As for what my family managed to accomplish within the month of July this year:

I'm grateful for every little bit. Truthfully, if I didn't set aside a month specifically to focus on some aspect of Narnia, I don't know that I'd get to it. It's a series that I would be sorry not to immerse myself or my children in, so further up and further in we go!

Looking forward to hearing what journeys you might have had into Narnia this year if you "played along" with me!


Barbara H. said...

I read and reviewed C. S. Lewis's Letters to Children: It was a delightful time!

Sky said...
I re-read The Magician's Nephew. My eyes were suspiciously shiny.

Tarissa said...

I finally finished the Narnia series... and it was amazing! Here's my review from July on The Last Battle.

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