Saturday, December 13, 2008

Narnia Week - Conclusion

I decided about half the way through this past week that I really needed at least two weeks to merely scratch the surface of The Chronicles of Narnia series. Seven books, jam packed with adventure and entrenched in doctrine is a hard task for one week! I said virtually NOTHING on the subject of the books. I hit a few themes, I thought a few thoughts, I quoted a few lines. I don't know what you took away from my journey through Narnia, but I'll try to share what I got out of it.

Narnia is, for me, a way to examine my thoughts, attitudes and actions through the use of story. I got lost in a magical world in which I was more concerned about the state of my own heart than I was about chapters and numbers of pages read on any given day. I was more interested in really knowing Aslan than I ever have been before. I examined my own thoughts and tried to focus on what is God's truth instead of my own truth. I've tried to sort through that particular difference.

I have been motivated to believe God can do anything He wants to do (in this world or any other). He is more powerful than I think and more real than I currently believe. I am small; He is big. I don't understand this as fully as I will even next week. As Aslan says, he continues to grow along with us. The bigger we get and the more we understand of him, the bigger he also grows and the more he becomes to us. He grew this week so I think I did too. Time will tell.

I learned that it takes a lot of time to really get to know a book, a story, a person (a lion) and to grow a relationship. You can pack things in a great deal but even then you are missing key facts and truths. I need to make time to delve into relationships that I think are important and grow them - spiritually and practically. Time is important.

The time I spent in Narnia was valuable in ways I'm certainly I don't fully realize which is why I will revisit this land from time to time in hopes of growing more and experiencing the perfume of Aslan's mane once again. This is a beautiful series and I already long to go back. That is as it should be.

Further Up and Further In!


P.S. In answer to the question - my favorite of the books was and is still The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. ;)

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Stephanie Kay said...

What a great conclusion! You have made me want to curl up on the couch and immerse myself in the world of Narnia. I rarely read fiction these days because I find it's usually more of a hindrance than a help but The Chronicles of Narnia is definitely fiction that challenges you to grow. Thanks for writing this series.

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